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A Tribute: Sister Act 2

It’s Monday.  Let’s try and start this week off on a positive note.

So Saturday, I’m flipping through the channels to discover a channel playing Sister Act & Sister Act 2 back to back!


Both of these VHS’ were in heavy rotation in my childhood because they are pretty flawless.  Just entertaining in every way.  But for this post, let’s focus on the 2nd movie where “urban gangsta flava” saves the school!

We open with Whoopi rehashing the events of the first movie in a musical number for the gods!

Seriously.  This is not even 5 minutes into the movie and it’s already amazing.  Sorry for the foreign language, but that’s all that I could find via the YouTube.  When Whoopi yells, “Oh, I was a hoe!” I just can’t stop laughing.

Long story short, Whoopi has to come revisit the nuns who protected her and save the school with her sass and musical abilities.  She accepts after a classic Catholic guilt trip (so I’ve heard).

She meets the students who are so urban and anti-establishment and it’s all perfect.  Let’s get a rundown of our characters:


Jennifer “Love” Hewitt as Prissy Snobby Girl



Sketch who can’t stay awake because he has a job



City High lead singer/Afrocentric one

frank kay

Frankay aka White Boy who raps


Tanya aka Flawless Vocal Goddess with copious access to Blue Magic


And Lauryn Hill as Sassmaster Rita Wilson.

As with every single 90’s movie set in an urban setting, the kids react sorely to being educated, leading with Rita walking out of Whoopi’s tough love.

The relationship between the students and Whoopi lead to what is to my knowledge the greatest scene ever placed on film.




I dare you to try and come up with a more hilarious moment than this.  You can’t.  Just stop.

Anyways, after a series of pranks and more urban gangsta flava, Whoopi is teaching us the most valuable lesson.

“If you want to be somebody, If you want to go somewhere, You better wake up and PAY ATTENTION!’



Kelly Clarkson lookalike is all, we need to liven this up.





Whoopi is all, “Talent, what?!” and is like, we’re turning you into a choir.  No wonder you’re in the music class!

But before we get all the kids on board, let’s check in with our nuns!


This is all just great fun, but nothing is better than my lady and her jig yelling “Vote for me, and I’ll set you freeeeee!”


I just love that.

Some more plot, some more plot.  Let’s skip to His Eye Is On The Sparrow.


Just flawless.  Completely and utterly flawless. The harmonies.  The talent.  Lauryn Hill has become a bit of a punchline, but for serious.  She is so ridiculously amazing here.  And Tanya!  Why didn’t she have a better singing career?  So pressed right now.

Anyway, we get a montage and Lauryn Hill is back in the choir and we’re ready for our first performance!

The kids are still nervous about their reps and Afrocentric is leading the choir but his nerves are getting in the way!

Whoopi is all, “This is trash.  Scales and Arpeggios time.”  But then a key change leads to a dramatic increase in talent and this…



Seriously, this is amazing.

By sheer coincidence, the nuns are cleaning out a room and the high school was the best at singing in the 70’s and this will save the school.  The kids are entered, Sheryl Lee Ralph (Rita’s mom) HATES music!

Here’s a reenactment:

The accuracy though…

The Crispy villain guy is all huffy, the monks are on an adventure, and now we’re at the competition!

This turquoise choir sings Lord, Send A Revival and should have been the runner ups.

The intimidating stuffy choir also sings Joyful, Joyful and scares the kids into wanting to quit.

Whoopi is all, be yourself and show off that urban gangsta flava!

And now, the moment that you’ve all been waiting for!

I can’t even begin to breakdown how amazing this is.  If you don’t know the lyrics, you are LYING!  Rita’s mom shows up and puts some fear, but Lauryn Hill is all talented and sounds amazing.  Frankaaaay and Sketch rap.  The ladies singing “Come and join the chorus!!!” blow my mind every time.  The tenors hitting the “with the light of day, lord!” is such a sweet touch.  It’s all just so good.



My personal favorite moment is the bodyrolls to Joyful, Joyful while Frankaaaay raps about Jesus.

And then, the school is saved thanks to all the talent and Crispy is foiled.  And Whoopi is not really a nun. THE END.

Except not!

Ugh, the 90’s were just so great.

We have a movie with a completely standard plot saved by amazing musical moments and hilarious acting.  I could watch this movie every day.

What are your favorite moments?  Do you have fond memories watching these two movies?  Let us know in the comments.  I’ll let you sing backup when we perform Joyful, Joyful!





RuPaul’s Drag Race S6, Ep4 Recap

Hellooooooo Dolly!

Okay, I’m sorry.  That was a cheap, easy joke.  And Team Trash should be better than that.  It’s just Trash this time.


We get a throwaway mini challenge this week. Female or Shemale.  The queens saw extreme close-ups of either drag queens or biological womens and had to guess which was which.   Ben DeLaCreme (yay!) and Adore (ugh…) win and become team captains for the main challenge.

Shade the RuSical!  I can already tell you that Class is jealous that he was not one the show for this episode.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  The show immediately starts out with the “Battle of the Idols”  between Courtney Act and Adore Delano.  We knew that when they hit the singing challenge, this would come up.  Personally, I think that Adore has the stronger voice, but Courtney has more control and is more effortless.

Also, let’s just talk about this.  Because it makes me happy.

As the queens rehearse, we hear Gia’s singing voice.


Ru visits and as the queens prepare, Joslyn gets in a quick read citing Bianca Del Rio and inspiration for her butch queen look. She really has more going for her than I thought.

Trinity is showing her ass because she’s nervous. To quote Alyssa Edwards, “Get a grip, get a life, and get over it.”  This is season 6.  Show up and compete, ho!

Listen.  Joslyn Fox is everything this episode.  I really do feel bad for April.  You can tell that she is putting in 100% effort and she simply isn’t a musical queen.

“Is she frustrated sexually?” Shut up Gia.

Ooh Trinity. You are out of line. And defensive. Get it together. I get that Bianca has a slick mouth but you should be able to take it.

Laganja is so obnoxious and I love her.

What’s a Tony? Good bye Gia.

Adore talks about “butching” it up for Idol. Which sucks that she wasn’t able to really be herself as she competed.

Gia discusses her history of kabuki which is actually interesting. If she spent more time talking about her past instead of being dumb and catty, I might like her.

We have not given Ru props for looking amazing on the runway each week. She looks phenomenal.

SHERYL LEE RALPH!!!! ::yas gif::

And cute Lucian. Hey boo.

The Dragbill was a nice touch, Ru.

Shade: The Rusical

Darienne’s dancing is not good and weakens her and Gia’s performance.

Ben is FABULOUS!  She totally brought it as the Shady Lady.  Could have won.

COURTNEY is everything.  She’s a fucking star.

Bianca is actually great and is really shining.

Trinity and Gia…do better than expected. Neither is going to win but both really give it their all.

Adore’s look is just a mess. But her singing is good-ish. She has sounded better.

Laganja and Joslyn are great. Joslyn seriously is amazing here. LUV HUH.

Milk should be better than this. Like she’s not the worst, but her look is disappointing.

Poor April is trying her absolute best. It’s not a good performance though.

Runway Rundown

Bianca continues to look smashing.  But she still needs to show a new silhouette.

Trinity looks okay but some of her looks still reads a little inexpensive.

Darienne – Ooh girl, this is bad. It doesn’t flow like a gown should.

Gia looks much better than last week. But I’m not a huge nude fan in general though.

Ben is drag fabulousness. Loving Ben and she better make the top six.

Courthey Act is fabulous.  Like there’s no critique when you look like that.

Laganja is love.  I honestly think she looks amazing most of the time.  Alyssa taught her well.

April’s gown is pretty, but this is not her best.  Last week’s rainy day was her high point.

Joslyn looks good, too. Gia was correct in that her wig was not hot.

Milk disappointed me this week.  Her look this week was weird but it’s not interesting or clever this time like the past 2 weeks

Adore looks okay. This was better than last week but her looks just aren’t very good.


During the judging panel, Sheryl READS the dog shit out of Trinity. Darienne is clueless, failing to realize that she was not great in the Rusical.  Michelle is completely wrong for coming for Ben. She killed it. And Courtney brought it…but came across a little arrogant during the judging.  But she knows that she rocked it.  Can’t blame her there.

Adore didn’t cinch again. And her dress is worse upon closer inspection. Ooh, the reads for April. Poor girl, she really is trying her hardest.  The judges hate Trinity’s diction but Ru defends her flipper. They do hate her attitude. Sheryl is life acquired.  Permanent guest judge!

Courtney and Ben really are the shining stars. Michelle is OFF here.  Santino is defending Adore and I guess she really shouldn’t go this week. Poor April. All of the effort is noted though.

I love the reveal of the winners. Courtney wins!!!! Obviously though. She really nailed it. Adore and Ben are top.

Darienne is saved from the bottom two, leaving Trinity and April to lip sync to I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan.  These girls better bring it.

And they both do!  Trinity is WERQING her fan! April is really good though but like Dida Ritz before her, sometimes a black girl just can’t be beat.  Trinity chantays and April Carrion is told to sashay away.

I am sad for April. She really is a gorgeous girl and she is by no means a bad queen. I hope the best for her.

What did you guys think?  Let us know on Twitter at @ClassNTrashShow or in the comments below.

Pause: I don’t typically talk about Untucked but let’s talk about how dumb Gia is. Gia was being ignorant and being rude. Milk, for all of her issues, is not below anyone. And Gia is literally the worst. THE WORST. She isn’t actually that great a fishy queen and yet she acts like she’s sitting.


Joslyn is so right in this argument. And I’m living for her.