About Class and Trash

Class is unarguably the nicer of the pair as well as a musician making his way to the top, one stage at a time.  A Beyhive member and hater of dogs, Class is the friend who waits for you at your weakest and then hits you with sly shade. Think Dowager Countess on a budget. Class can be seen teaching the youth of America to appreciate the arts, working out in the afternoon, and at rehearsal for a show by night. Sleep? That’s for when he’s retired and rich.

Trash is self proclaimed to be “more fun”, shaming your cousins with his routine to Trina’s “Hustling.” A corporate type during the day, Trash is more direct in his reads and is waiting for the light skin man of his dreams. (Apply Within) Like your homegirl who can get you a job and a bag of hair in the same breath.


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