Lauryn Hill

Aloha Class & Trash Readers!

I know it’s been a little while.  We miss you!  How was your week?

This is going to be quick but I thought that I would give you a rundown of the past week and some thoughts.

1) On The Run Tour

Flawless.  No pun intended.  The show was immaculately put together.  It reminded me of how big a Jay-Z fan I am.  And it is always a delight to see Beyonce do what she does best.

Also, Beyonce covered Ex-Factor.  Which…


2) So You Think You Can Dance

This season is the pits.  I’m not going to mince words here.  I was nervous when I saw the cast announced and it felt even more bland that usual.  And the performance show happened.


These kids are talented dancers, don’t get me wrong.  But there isn’t enough diversity of styles.  There’s an immaturity to their movement.  They all even look alike.  It feels like they can all only handle contemporary and the choreography is catering to this at the expense of the show.   I’m trying my best to stick it out as this has been my summer show for years.  But really, I’m not sure how much more I can handle it.

How are you feeling about the season?

3) Lonely

Still boo-hunting?  Yep.  But as per usual, the time after hanging out with some of my best friends is one of complete devastation for me.  I don’t know if anyone feels this way.  But my life is so much better when they are around.  I feel more confident.  I feel more fulfilled.  I feel like there’s hope for me.

That’s a lot to put on a group of people.  But in a way, they are where I get a lot of my energy.

4) Hope For The Future

I’m not one to give out great inspirational advice.  My life isn’t one to model yours after.  However, I do want to tell everyone not to give up.  (including me)

Things get hard.  Life can be unforgiving.  Disappointment is real.  But we can’t stop. Giving up isn’t an option.  Letting today’s problem take us out isn’t going to fix anything.

We’ll get there.

Alright, that’s all I have.  Leave your thoughts below good friends!


Another Music Challenge Post

So I’m running on E when it comes to a topic today.  And you know what that means!  Arbitrary list of 5 music videos!!!


So there is a 100-day music challenge which I’m obviously not going to do.  But I used Excel’s Random Number Generator to randomly pick 5 of the questions so I could put this small playlist in your life.  Let’s go!

2) A song from the first album you ever bought. (What was the album?)

Song: Tell Him – Lauryn Hill
Album: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Now I was not rich growing up.  I remember being completely jealous of my classmates and friends who had CD players (Discman’s specifically).  The summer between 7th and 8th grade, my mom bought me my first CD player and I was so freaking excited.  The first two CD’s that I owned were gospel compilations (Do they still make WOW Gospel?).  But the first album I purchased with my own money was The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill proving that my taste has been flawless forever.

But this song.  I get emotional listening to it every single time.  Like I remember every time that I’ve craved someone.  That I’ve loved someone.  I just close my eyes and I’m instantly in that moment.  The moment where I fell.  I don’t know how you could listen to this and not feel something inside.

41) A song you can remember from when you were at school.

Song: Joseph’s Coat (The Coat Of Many Colors)

Umm…this is a stupid question.  To force it to make more sense, I’ve decided to pick a song I remember from middle school.  That’s when I got my Lauryn Hill album so why the hell not.

So back in seventh grade, I had my star-making role of Isaachar in my middle school’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  ::sarcasm:: It was really fun though and this is the song that comes to my head as soon as I think of my musical experience.  Also, getting to be nasty was pretty fun.

71) A song by an artist with the same first/last name as you.

Song: All You Wanted – Michelle Branch

Come on White Cousin!  Listen, Class and I were just talking about how the group of ladies who snatched the early 2000’s with their flawless bops, Michelle included.  I think it was a reaction to the Britney/Christina/Jessica/Mandy vein of sugary sweet pop music.  They made Michelle, Avril, Vanessa, and Fefe come across more edgy and “real” and that resonated with huge part of my generation.  Twas a good time.

Don’t even pretend you don’t like this song.  It’s fabulous.

81) An 80’s pop song by an artist who thinks he’s/she’s really cool.

Song: Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) – Samantha Fox

Who made up this challenge again?  These questions are stupid.  So I’m just going to give us an 80’s pop song because WTF.  Why would I assume they think they are cool?  Wouldn’t that only leave me with Corey Feldman as the only option?

ANTYWAYS! Let’s talk about Samantha Fox and how she is one of my patron saints.  Some people have martyrs and holy people, I have late 80’s pop stars.  Don’t judge me.

But this song is EVERYTHING.  This is a bop in every sense.  The dance beat with the hip hop influence.  The male background singers? Come on!

The gayest gang since the Bad video.

Her dance moves??




91) A song for a romantic dinner.

Title: Kiss Me On My Neck – Erykah Badu

Some of us haven’t been to romantic dinners.  Rude ass questions.

But legit, I don’t give Erykah Badu nearly the props she deserves for the quality music she has brought to my life.  I feel like this is the kind of song you want playing gently as you wrap up the meal where you dance and sway a bit together.  As the dinner turns towards a nightcap.

And who doesn’t want a kiss on their neck? Amiright???

Now it’s on you people. Are these questions as dumb as I think they are?  What song would have picked for that 80’s question?  Leave us a comment below!

A Tribute: Sister Act 2

It’s Monday.  Let’s try and start this week off on a positive note.

So Saturday, I’m flipping through the channels to discover a channel playing Sister Act & Sister Act 2 back to back!


Both of these VHS’ were in heavy rotation in my childhood because they are pretty flawless.  Just entertaining in every way.  But for this post, let’s focus on the 2nd movie where “urban gangsta flava” saves the school!

We open with Whoopi rehashing the events of the first movie in a musical number for the gods!

Seriously.  This is not even 5 minutes into the movie and it’s already amazing.  Sorry for the foreign language, but that’s all that I could find via the YouTube.  When Whoopi yells, “Oh, I was a hoe!” I just can’t stop laughing.

Long story short, Whoopi has to come revisit the nuns who protected her and save the school with her sass and musical abilities.  She accepts after a classic Catholic guilt trip (so I’ve heard).

She meets the students who are so urban and anti-establishment and it’s all perfect.  Let’s get a rundown of our characters:


Jennifer “Love” Hewitt as Prissy Snobby Girl



Sketch who can’t stay awake because he has a job



City High lead singer/Afrocentric one

frank kay

Frankay aka White Boy who raps


Tanya aka Flawless Vocal Goddess with copious access to Blue Magic


And Lauryn Hill as Sassmaster Rita Wilson.

As with every single 90’s movie set in an urban setting, the kids react sorely to being educated, leading with Rita walking out of Whoopi’s tough love.

The relationship between the students and Whoopi lead to what is to my knowledge the greatest scene ever placed on film.




I dare you to try and come up with a more hilarious moment than this.  You can’t.  Just stop.

Anyways, after a series of pranks and more urban gangsta flava, Whoopi is teaching us the most valuable lesson.

“If you want to be somebody, If you want to go somewhere, You better wake up and PAY ATTENTION!’



Kelly Clarkson lookalike is all, we need to liven this up.





Whoopi is all, “Talent, what?!” and is like, we’re turning you into a choir.  No wonder you’re in the music class!

But before we get all the kids on board, let’s check in with our nuns!


This is all just great fun, but nothing is better than my lady and her jig yelling “Vote for me, and I’ll set you freeeeee!”


I just love that.

Some more plot, some more plot.  Let’s skip to His Eye Is On The Sparrow.


Just flawless.  Completely and utterly flawless. The harmonies.  The talent.  Lauryn Hill has become a bit of a punchline, but for serious.  She is so ridiculously amazing here.  And Tanya!  Why didn’t she have a better singing career?  So pressed right now.

Anyway, we get a montage and Lauryn Hill is back in the choir and we’re ready for our first performance!

The kids are still nervous about their reps and Afrocentric is leading the choir but his nerves are getting in the way!

Whoopi is all, “This is trash.  Scales and Arpeggios time.”  But then a key change leads to a dramatic increase in talent and this…



Seriously, this is amazing.

By sheer coincidence, the nuns are cleaning out a room and the high school was the best at singing in the 70’s and this will save the school.  The kids are entered, Sheryl Lee Ralph (Rita’s mom) HATES music!

Here’s a reenactment:

The accuracy though…

The Crispy villain guy is all huffy, the monks are on an adventure, and now we’re at the competition!

This turquoise choir sings Lord, Send A Revival and should have been the runner ups.

The intimidating stuffy choir also sings Joyful, Joyful and scares the kids into wanting to quit.

Whoopi is all, be yourself and show off that urban gangsta flava!

And now, the moment that you’ve all been waiting for!

I can’t even begin to breakdown how amazing this is.  If you don’t know the lyrics, you are LYING!  Rita’s mom shows up and puts some fear, but Lauryn Hill is all talented and sounds amazing.  Frankaaaay and Sketch rap.  The ladies singing “Come and join the chorus!!!” blow my mind every time.  The tenors hitting the “with the light of day, lord!” is such a sweet touch.  It’s all just so good.



My personal favorite moment is the bodyrolls to Joyful, Joyful while Frankaaaay raps about Jesus.

And then, the school is saved thanks to all the talent and Crispy is foiled.  And Whoopi is not really a nun. THE END.

Except not!

Ugh, the 90’s were just so great.

We have a movie with a completely standard plot saved by amazing musical moments and hilarious acting.  I could watch this movie every day.

What are your favorite moments?  Do you have fond memories watching these two movies?  Let us know in the comments.  I’ll let you sing backup when we perform Joyful, Joyful!





Lauryn Hill STILL Rules The World

First. HAPPY FRIDAY! We all made it through another long week. TURN UP my friends!

Second, if for some reason you don’t know who Lauryn Hill is or you don’t know about Sister Act 2, you have homework to do. Sister Act 2 was THAT movie back in the day and still SLAYS. I don’t want to talk about the fact that it came out in 1993 (Dear Lord I’m old).  It was and is a PERFECT damn movie from beginning to end.  Here’s one of several flawless moments…

::dies laughing:: Never gets old….

This movie gave us a killer rendition of “His Eye is on The Sparrow” (Shout to Tanya Blount on that harmony tho!), “Joyful Joyful”, AND Ms. Lauryn Hill emerged to kill the scene. Her voice is out of this world extraordinary. No one compares. She sang her heart out in “Killing Me Softly” with The Fugees; so much so that it is the only version of that song that exists (No shade Roberta Flack). Then in 1998 she dropped a once in a lifetime album. “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” . This album STILL is relevant and perfect album. An album in which I revisit regularly. Ex-Factor? Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You? Tell Him? TELL HIM?!?!?!??! The album is just ***FLAWLESS!



Woo now that I got that out of the way….. I think we know what happens next in her life….

The moral of the story is before I went to sleep last night I said, “I wonder if she’s been performing lately.” I jumped on YouTube. And y’all. She’s back. Her voice in this Stevie Wonder cover of “I Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer” gave me chills all over. GET INTO IT.

She also performed “Final Hour” and I got my entire life. Sounds NOTHING like the album version. She’s out here snatching wigs. Get READY!

MUSIC. MUSIC!!!!!! THIS is the quality of music that we should be expecting form our artists. No one is making GOOD music like this on the regular anymore.

“No one makes albums anymore.” ~ Beyonce

We’ve grown to comfortable with “pop music” and quick hits. We miss you Ms. Lauryn Hill. We miss music with a message. While Beyonce BETTER win all of the Grammys next year….I won’t be mad if Lauryn sneaks up with a new album and takes a couple. She deserves it.

Can we also note how GORGEOUS she is? When she hits you with that smile at the end? Stunning. We LOVE you Ms. Hill!!!!


Ok I’m out y’all.