Class And Trash Jams: Beyoncé

It’s time to announce a new series here on your favorite site.  So because we’re committed to increasing the quality of your iPods, we’ve decided to share a few of our favorite jams for a particular artist each week.

Because Class picked the artist for this first week, it’s time to talk about Beyoncé.


1) Yoncé/Partition

Despite my next two choices, I love Beyoncé most when she embraces her hood side.  This song in particular changed my entire view on Beyoncé,  moving me from casual fan to staunch defender/junior associate Beyhive member.  The rap >>>>>>

2) Smash Into You

My absolute favorite of Beyoncé’s love songs. She delivers vocally and it’s simply a beautiful song.

3) Love On Top

5 KEY CHANGES.  FIVE!  Love the throwback to the Motown era, love her vocal layering. Did I mention the five key changes??


If you don’t know…I am a PROUD BeyHive Member. 1- 9….EIGHT. ONE!

Beyonce’s catalogue is LITERALLY flawless. Her missteps are still better than mosts (yup B’Day may not have been my favorite but if you don’t think that stops me from listening, you’re WRONG.) What makes Bey better is that her live performance are FAR better than her recorded works. This is a HUGE statement considering her albums are perfect. Picking my three favorite songs might be one of the hardest challenges for me. So i’m only considering live performances. Wish me luck.

1) 1+1 (Dressing Room Edition) 


My. God. A keyboard. Beyonce’s Golden Vocals. Harmonies by the Mamas. ANY QUESTIONS?!

2) End Of Time (Revel Edition)

The. End. Of. Time. STOMP! The sickening pink pumps. I am unable.

This song instantly stood out to me on her classic 4 album. It is a perfect dancing song, running song, cooking song, cleaning song, do better in life song, etc. It is perfection and Beyonce ALWAYS gives it her 300%. I dare you to not stomp and body roll up….DARE YOU.

3) Resentment (Live from Las Vegas Edition) 


The passion Beyonce performed this with is INCREDIBLE. I don’t know who pissed her off that day but the result is incredible. Also…Why are the Mamas so sickening? I hate and love them.

And a special treat!

Never forget where it all began. Destiny’s Child. I stumbled across this gem and thought i’d share. Please enjoy them stomping the f*ck out of the football field. I miss DC3.

Beyonce at the Grammys

Listen. It’s Grammy Sunday, a fight is happening on Real Hoodrats uhhhh Houewives of Atlanta, I have to lesson plan, clean my apartment, AND do laundry. Clearly i’m just now starting the day, so I’m keeping it simple and cute today.

Whenever there is an award show, Oscar’s included, I only ask ONE question. “Is Beyonce going to be there? If she’s not I most likely will not tune in. In honor of tonight and the QUEEN PERFORMING (YAS GOD) … I present her Grammy performances.


1) Beyonce and Queen Tina Turner. Listen. LISTEN. Look at God.

2) Dangerously in Love….When she catches that bird …. I knew it was love.

3) If I were a Boy…. She literally OPENED by stomping on your snap-and-go wig…. You just had to deal with it.

4) One time she performed Listen…and we did. SHE’S MORE THAN WHAT-UHHHHH…. YOU MADE OF HERRR!

5) WHO RUN THIS MOTHA?! (Shut up, I know it was her AMA performance BUT WHEN WILL YOUR FAV?!?!?!?!?!?!??!) 

Y’all ready for the Grammy’s?! Next year she BETTER win 55 Grammys for this album. Best Folk Album? Beyonce. Best Rock Song? Yoncé. Taylor Swift is just going to have to sit back and deal. #SorryNotSorry