who raised you?


Why are you all so nasty??

So my temporary roommate and I just got back from Whole Foods.  We walk in to see a man fresh from his workout with a back carved by Jesus.


So being the Trash that I am, I follow him to the restroom (I also had to use it, don’t judge me!).  I finish up and walk out to wash my hands when I hear him walk out.

But there was something missing.  You see there was no water run.  There was no hand soap used.  There was no drying of hands.


Luckily, he wasn’t cute.  But that is so nasty!  I don’t know who raised you.  I don’t know why.

He then proceeded to go out and put his nasty hands all over the self-serve baked good.  NO SIR!

So this is my PSA.  If you can’t practice good hygiene, you gotta go.