we can’t be friends

Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here

Let’s let Deborah Cox preach a word as I write this.

So I have a friend.  We’ve been friends for a long time.  Like since high school long time.  And we’ve gone back and forth for years between friendship, flirting, and almost dating.  The distance has always kept us from crossing that bridge (Texas/NC or NYC/Boston).  A few months ago, he tried the fuck out of me though.  As Class remembers, he rolled up into my text messages on some high horse like I was the reason we were not gay married.



Needless to say, I had to tell him about himself.  Nobody here is innocent, but sir your list of transgressions are ONLY acceptable because we were never official.  You better be glad, I’m working on my forgiveness and shit.

After a cooling off period, he apologized for showing his ass and we decided to just be friends.  No romance or any of that.  We were and still are super close.  No need to throw away years of friendship because our supposed romance fell apart.

But of course, I mentioned in this post that my thirst is starting to  get the best of me.

I admit that there’s always those residual feelings there.  I’m not above it.  I can cut people off, but I think the reason that he is still around is because we’ve never been official. It is almost like a part of me just wants to do it so that there can be a clean break.  And of course, my superficiality can’t seem to resist that sweet smile.  Add a couple of cocktails and a group full of couples and I’m sending text messages that should have stayed in my mind.



But what’s done is done.  I know that it’s never going to work out between the two of us.  But damn it, sometimes you just want to flirt and feel wanted.  I’m not above it.  Maybe I’m too old to act this way, but whatever.  I’m so sick of being lonely just like Field Mob.

I end with Jazmine Sullivan who perfectly describes this relationship.

Have you all ever kept talking to someone to boost your ego?  Or do you still have that person in your phone that you’re waiting to date?  Let us know in the comments or over on Twitter (@ClassNTrashShow) so I don’t feel so ridiculous.