taco bell

I Get Soooo Weak!

It’s Friiiiiday, Friiiiday!

Gotta get down on Friiiiidaaaaaay!

I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend, especially those of you who do not have to work on Monday.

Tonight, I want to talk about those things that we just can’t resist.  Whether it’s that late night bag of Haribo gummy bears or paying that extra $20 for that sessual magenta 22-inch sew in, we all have those things that just make us feel better.  Since it’s the weekend and we are having fun, I’ll share a few of my weaknesses and guilty pleasures.

1) “He Said, She Said” by Ashley Tisdale

I actually think it was B. Scott who introduced me to this tune. (HEY GURR!) I remember thinking, oh here’s another non-singing Disney girl come to ruin our ears.

But then, I felt my toe tapping.  A shoulder bop took over, but I fought it off.  But then I whipped my imaginary hair and body rolled in my chair.  Ashley had won.

I used to be ashamed of my love of this song, but then Class & part-time lover @Cheri_Angela (Check her out at http://cheriarmour.com/)validated that the song is everything.

I dare you to click play.  There’s no chance of you making it through without bopping.

2) Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell


This trashy piece of deliciousness…  ::sighs::

Taco Bell has had so much bad press.  But if I’m not mistaken, this amazing, evil taco has sold more than any other menu item.

You would think it’s just a novelty, but something about it works.  I can never seem to get away from “The Bell” without one in my hand.

NOOOOM nom nom nom! Just call me the Doritos Locos Taco Monster.

3) White Teeth

If only I could count the amount of money that I’ve spent on teeth whitening products.  Having perfectly straight, white teeth has and remains a goal of both Class & Trash.  But this fondness extends to potential mates.

I’m certainly not above telling somebody no because their teeth look like they’ve been chewing tobacco.  The way people treat their teeth is really a sign that they take care of themselves and also that they are considerate of you.  No one is looking to free that piece of gristle from your back teeth when things are getting hot and heavy.

No one.

4) Cocktail Time



47 Of Beyonc�'s Absolute Best Dance Moves

I’d like to pretend that alcohol doesn’t make my hips sway a la Beyoncé.  But I love liquor.  I love when you first start feeling the buzz.  I love that it lowers my inhibitions.  I love that it allows to feel like I’m better than everyone instead of just saying I am.

As part of the show, we’ll be building in some of our favorite cocktail recipes for you to try.  If you have one that you think we should feature, let us know on the Twitter.  I want to sip on it and sing “I been drinkin.  I been draaaaaankin.”

5) Aunt Sandy!


(Source: foodnetworkhumor.com)

As much as I love cocktail time, Aunt Sandy loves it more.  As we all know, cocktail time is the BEST TIME OF THE DAY!

Sandra Lee is a terrible cook.  Let’s be clear.  She is lazy, her recipes are expensive, and she has what we call a tenuous grasp of the English Language.

That said, she’s flawless.  She’s like the In Living Color of cooking shows.  Her ineptitude in the kitchen is LEGENDARY.  The Kwanzaa Cake alone is the stuff of nightmares.  Her inability to chop onions is amazing.

And her tablescapes?!  I can’t even.  Just take a tour here (http://foodnetworkhumor.com/category/food-network-hosts/sandra-lee/) and let all that is Aunt Sandy envelope you.

To wrap this up, let’s just watch a week’s worth of Semi-Homemade edited down into a 2-minute clip.  I can assure you, this is truly representative of the show.