Star Search

Undiscovered. (Let’s Change That NOW!)

The internet and social media can be the best and the worst at times. It has everyone thinking that with every re-tweet, youtube view, comment, follow, or Facebook friend request they are more and more famous. However, youtube does allow us to see some pretty terrible but amusing “talent” (a personal favorite of Trash over there.) We ALSO have the chance to see some AMAZING undiscovered talent that makes you question why are some “singers” famous.


So this Tuesday here are three of my favorite undiscovered talented singers. If they released songs right now, trust and believe I’d be the FIRST in line to purchase.

Joelle James (and Sophia)

  • Excuse me but these white girls are up there SANGING (with an A). Sanging is not the same as singing.  In a world where girls run up on award shows not being able to sing a lick, we live in a world where not enough people know who she is OR her friend Sophia. I will never forget the moment when I first heard them and my mouth DROPPED. The guy isn’t that bad but when you’re surrounded by those DIVAS, you just get left behind. WHY ISN’T SHE POPPING OUT SINGLES LEFT AND RIGHT?! I get that she’s signed to Chris Brown’s label and I won’t throw shade BUT it may be time for her to move on. Too much damn talent for her to be in a Jojo type situation. Free Joelle (even tho she’s really okay I guess)

Mari Solis

  • I don’t know where she is right now…. but this young lady has GOT to find her a cute record deal. When you can cover Stevie Wonder and NOT make ears cringe or eyes roll, you have been touched by God.  Girl. GIRL. The precision of her runs. The clarity of her tone. It’s just so special. I can’t put into words.


  • Apparently they were on X-Factor, Star Search, something. I don’t really know who they are or where they are from. I do know that they are up here giving us harmony and i’m living for it. I’m sure Beyonce is somewhere eating a Vegan cupcake and bopping her head to this. I’ve gone and listened to some of their other covers and they are pretty GREAT!  In the words of Paula Abdul….TOUCHDOWN!

I’m a sucker for harmony y’all. Who are some of your favorite undiscovered talent? Let us know…

And if you haven’t told someone about this blog …you fake….JK…no but really share!