She’s Your Queeeeeen To Be

Hey bishes! Before we get started, it’s time for a dance break.


But it came to my attention that I never wrote a post celebrating the obvious and well-deserved victory of Bianca Del Rio on RuPaul’s Drag Race!!!!


Like how flopulous of me!  Let’s rectify this.


My girl was so fabulous that there really was no other option.  She has style, comedy and performance chops, and enough musical ability not to embarrass herself.  She’s essentially the first queen to truly come ready to play the game and do it well.

And because I’m a lucky ho, I got to see her last night!


Seen here with Trinity K. Bonet!

So last night, I went to trivia with a good friend and sent a text to someone I met last weekend.  Turns out he was at the same place!  So he invites me to meet him at Bianca’s show.  I, for some reason, didn’t realize she’d be here so I ran home, changed, and got my ass to the show!

The venue was okay although my lack of height really bit me in the butt as you can see from the blurry photos.  But she was hilarious.  Reading people for filth in glamorous gowns.  I cracked up when she told Phoenix (who hosted) that this was a show for winners only.  “Just because you have a mic, doesn’t mean you have the floor!”

There were several other queens there including Mariah who performed to Vanity 6’s Nasty Girl thus winning a permanent place in my heart.

Here’s are a few more pictures of Bianca and the other queens.

image_1 image_3 image_7 image_10 image_11

Needless to say, it was a fun night (although my body is le tired) and I would totally go see her again.

Trash Travels: My Night with The Read

So this past Tuesday night, I got the chance to attend The Read’s 1-Year Anniversary Show in New York with friend of the blog, Brash!

photo 4

Needless to say, it was amazing. For those of you who don’t know, The Read is a podcast featuring Kid Fury and Crissle, two friends who are fantastically smart and witty who discuss celebrity news, take letters from their readers, and then read whatever is annoying them that week.

It’s a fantastic show that allows you to lose yourself for an hour and just laugh. If you haven’t listened, just here…go laugh.

I got to New York about two hours before the start of the show and made my way to the venue (after stuffing my face).  I got there a little early and got in line because seats were first come, first serve.  It was great to see the line form for the event though this annoying boy and his baggy leather pants needed to shut up. 

This was my first chance to see the show live after jealously hearing about it all year. So Dustin introduced our hosts after a fly playlist and dance off.

photo 5

Cue a little dance from Fury.  Some of my favorite lines from last night include the following:

“She doesn’t even get eye boogers. They are like crystals!” -Crissle on Lupita N’yongo

“I was inspired by Ellen, so here is one bag of the Purple Doritos” -Kid Fury being gracious

“Da Brat needs a limited edition strap.” -Crissle on Da Brat

“I can offer her a Netflix password.” -Kid Fury on being in this situation

“Nene’s teeth look like 30 iPad minis.” -Kid Fury on the DWTS cast

“Cabbagepoochie” – Kid Fury on Chris Brown’s girlfriend/ex/boothang

“DON’T DO THIS BLACK PEOPLE!” -Crissle on the audience reaction

“You’re far outside your business.” -Kid Fury

But the best revelation of the evening was that Kid Fury loves Cookout.  Being North Carolina born and bred, Cookout is a treasure to me.  The many late night meals and deliciousness that I’ve enjoyed from that establishment.


As I was writing this, Class and I just reminisced about ordering a Big Double Burger Cheddar Style. was great.

Also, Crissle’s story about the lacefront eyebrows???  I cackled.  It was too much.

But anyway, I really enjoyed my time.  I thought that the Read really translated to the live format and both hosts were a delight.  There was room to sit and the venue was comfortable.  If they come to your city, I’d highly suggest going to see them.

Have a great day and give the show a listen!

A Tribute: #LoveJo

As you all know, we here at Class & Trash love us some Joanna Levesque, better known as Jojo as evidenced here.


Yesterday, this queen released an EP via Soundcloud and we HAVE to talk about it.  Class’s comments are in Ole Miss red while Trash’s comments are Duke blue.

Caught Up In The Rapture

bodyroll1 hiproll1

Listen, if there was ever a girl who should cover Anita Baker, it was Jojo with her sickening alto, clear and accurate runs, and ability to convey emotion with her voice.

When the gorgeous opening stops and “INTERNZ, IT’S THE REMIX!”


Her ability to jump fifths and octaves mid-run is unparalleled.  Come on QUEEN!

The vocal dexterity from 4:13 to 4:33 is just all I could have asked for.

I guess Trash was trying to give y’all a music theory lesson lol…Anyways her voice is like the FINEST piece of Red Velvet cake here. It’s just oozes with sensuality….And the beat drops…and there is no looking back. Flawless. FLAWLESS. FLAWLESS. It just does not get any better musically. Young singers, this is how you riff without over doing. Sickening. 

Take Me Home

Jojo doing Phil Collins?? WHAT? And adding a hoodrat bop to the back?


And she killed it!

Her ad libs into and during the last chorus.  Full vocal bliss.  Her voice is just so seductive and adds a sensual quality to a beautiful, but admittedly cold original song. 

But this was just a glimpse of the head voice goodness she was about to give us.

Phil Collins. Jojo stole your song and made it 1,000,000 times better. Sorry no sorry. That’s all I have to say about that. I’m going to continue to do a body roll up against my wall. 


The first note…


The second Glory????


Listen here, Jojo, you didn’t have to do this to us!  We praise her for her lower register, but this! You can’t tell her she isn’t a soprano here.



The richness of her voice, her ability to jump between octaves, the minor 3rds.  YOU SICKENING WENCH, I CAN’T STAND YOU!!!!

The note at 1:20!!!!  MY JESUS!


I’m not even writing sentences anymore. There’s nothing that I can say that could even compare to the flawlessness that is Glory. 

I….. don’t…. have words…..Whitney Houston is up in Heaven wavering her hand at this recording because it is THAT PERFECT. 


This is absolutely her best work and if this is what she has in store for her album, you hoes better beware.  Jojo is back and ready to snatch all of the wigs!  EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

December 13th Beyonce took all of my hair, edges included. I finally saw new growth on February 13th….On the 14th Jojo took the new growth and took some of my scalp. Jojo is NOT playing. She has not been able to release music in YEARS and she is letting us know to not even bother releasing music in 2014. Nope. Don’t do it. If you haven’t listened to this work….do it now or don’t talk to us.