Class And Trash Jams: Brian McKnight

We’re back and it’s time to slow things down with Brian McKnight.  We here at Class and Trash choose to remember him at his best and not for If U Ready To Learn.  (NSFW obviously…)

Here’s the list!


1) One Last Cry

Do I even NEED to explain why this is one? The lyrics. His voice. We really don’t give this man enough credit! Such a simple arrangement that allows his voice to be showcased. Let face it when, when you can SING all you need is some instruments and YOUR instrument (the voice). ::glares at Britney Spears::


2) The Only One For Me

DAMN IT! We have a duplicate song but the song slays. The reason this song also stands out is because of when he was on Sister Sister. Such a good episode! Such a good black sitcom! Anywho…. He was one of my childhood vocal idols. If only my riffs and runs were as flawless my ass would NOT be a teacher nor writing songs asking to show you how your “P*ssy works.” Brian, you still nasty for that.

3) 6, 8 ,12

Okay, I tried to not put this on my list but I seriously enjoy this song. And nowwww Class is in his feelings…Bye y’all.


1) Back At One

Keeping it standard.  You just can’t deny how beautiful this song is.  I remember way back in middle school when this came out, people were using it to audition for talent shows.  Spoiler alert, they did not sound like Brian.

2) Still In Love

It’s a cover, but I’ll be damned if I talk about Mr. McKnight and not mention this song. Just freaking flawless.  You’re over there tearing up now!  Just the greatest.

3) The Only One For Me

I don’t care that his music has similar themes.  You want to be in love or save your relationships when you listen to him. ::ugly cries to the floor::

Did we miss your favorites? Share your favorites in the comments!

The Definition of Perfection


They. Better. Work.

Bey Dance

You already know that Class is the President of the BeyHive. That being said, I am REALLY picky about Beyonce covers. ESPECIALLY covers of ANY song off of her new album. Beyonce took her music to another level and we just don’t need anyone to cover music off of it. (Unless Jojo wants to give us a Parition cover…Imagine it for one second.) The problem with covering Bey songs is that people want to get on youtube with this sh*t….


I don’t know who that gentleman is but I need him to go away. Forever. But Scott and Mitch are ***Flawless as Queen Bey said. Get into Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Superfruit, and of course Pentatonix. They are so damn talented. Just WERKKKKKK! (Call me Mitch ::winks seductively::)

Hope y’all are enjoying your Saturday!!!!