Drag Race Week – Favorite Jams from The Queens

Drag Race Week continues on!

Yesterday, we covered my favorite songs from the diva herself.  This obviously inspired her queens to go out and release music of their own.  Here’s where I countdown some of my favorite songs from the contestants!

6) The Chop – Manila Luzon & Latrice Royale

I was GUTTED when these two were cut from All-Stars.  I was not here that decision at all.  Luckily, these two put this song out on the day the episode aired and I felt a little better.

Neither of the two are great singers, but they have just enough talent and their clear enjoyment of each other and songs shines through.

Also, I see the shade at Alexis Mateo!


5) Nice Car (Shame About Your Penis) – Pandora Boxx

Now I love me some Pandora Boxx and it really is a crime that she never got a challenge win on the show.  This was a shocker to me!  I caught myself bopping to this and I also really enjoy the chorus to this.  Pandora’s another queen that doesn’t have a great singing voice who made it work for her.

4) Weight – Latrice Royale

Let’s get this straight.  Latrice Royale is everything.  I don’t love that the song depends on food jokes, but this is the SHIT! I love that she’s body confident, I love the beat, and I love that can do the “Yes” dance to this.

3) Rupaulogize – Willam

But if there’s a queen who’s made the most of her music post-show, it’s Willam.  By timing her releases with key episodes, creating professional and polished videos, and some true pipes, Willam has BROUGHT it.  I just love her comments in the background, I love the beat.  But it’s definitely not as good as the number one.

2) Ru Girl – Alaska

COME ON!!! I am here for this!


I’m not going to lie, this was one of the last songs I listened to on my binge of drag queen music, but I caught myself bopping in the chair.  Okay Alaska, serving over this beat.

1) This Boy is a Bottom – DWV (Detox and Willam)

Absolutely. Flawless.  Better than the original.  Killer harmonies.  Hilarious lyrics.  This is how it’s done.  Sorry other contestants, this really wasn’t even a competition.

Did I miss any of your favorites?  Let us know in the comments section or over at the Twitter.