Quickie Post: The Best of Maxine Shaw

I mentioned in this post that I live for the show Living Single.

My absolute favorite character being Maxine Shaw,  who was reading everyone in sight before it was popular.

Get into the queen!!!!

Quickie Post: Good Evening

Do you all have one particular video that makes you giggle senselessly every single time you watch it?

I have several, but today I wanted to show some love to Krissychula (@thekrissychula on Twitter) who makes hilarious videos about her daily life and pop culture.  She is amazing and super clever.  Now, prepare to be seduced.

(Souce: FourFour)

I just love that.  When she smirks and says “And aren’t you just a salty motherfucker?” I lose it every. single. time.

Go on over to her page on YouTube and subscribe so you don’t miss out on her updates.  Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you to watch the following:

Lana Del Rey’s Face

Dear Miley…

Say No To Lacefronts

What are some of your favorite YouTube gems?  Link us in the comments or share via Twitter @ClassNTrashShow.

Good Evening.


Superbowl SUNDAY!!!!!



Happy Sunday! SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!!!!

I personally could care less this year. I don’t care about either of the teams. The operatic rendition of the national anthem will be cute but not Christina Aguilera or Jennifer Hudson. Bruno Mars will be okay I guess…..I just hope that everyone remembers how a year ago Beyonce shut down the Superbowl…..Literally. Turned off the lights. Snatched your edges and left you begging for more. So in honor of the Superbowl here is one of the BEST halftime shows by the one and ONLY Queen Bey!!! 

I swear it has gotten better over time. She just is ***flawless!