I’m frustrated.

So I mentioned a while ago that my nephew is not slaying the academic game in high school.  And now my niece isn’t doing as well as she was either.

Now I understand that these are not my children.  I also understand that their schools are particularly the greatest.  I even get that some of their teachers are not good teachers.

But am I being insensitive when I tell them that it does not matter?

I don’t think so.  Bosses will suck.  Jobs will suck.  Professors will suck.  But you’re there and the only way to get out is to either pass or quit.  And you can’t quit Algebra 1.  And being a teenager, your motivation isn’t always at its highest.  I remember that.  I hated feeling like I “had” to do things a certain way.  But that’s the thing, you have to because you don’t know any better.

So I’m trying to be nurturing and be more involved.  Asking what they are learning.  Asking what they are working on.  Offering to tutor where I can.

But I’m now noticing that my grandmother is running interference.  She is not putting the pressure on him to do well.  My sister is doing more than she used to but it’s still not enough.  No one is checking his work.  No one is checking his notebook to make sure he doesn’t actually have homework.  It almost feels like no one else gives a fuck about this situation.  They don’t realize that these grades will not get him into any college.  I mean no college will accept these grades.  And once you’ve gotten yourself into this hole with your GPA, it is extremely hard to get out of it.  Especially since the classes do not get any easier.  If you refuse to try and get the basics of Algebra 1, what the fuck are you going to do in Algebra 2?  And Geometry is literally the worst. But you have to take it and remember it.  It’s on the SAT, the GRE, and the GMAT.  You can’t get around it but so much.

But what do you do when you don’t feel like your family is supporting hard work and pushing yourself?  No amount of blame is going to fix his grades.  And while I’m dedicated to trying to fix it, my temper is going to get me cursed out by my family.

I don’t really know what to do.  Maybe you all have suggestions.