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Quickie Post: Got2BReal

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Please enjoy Queen Patti LaHelle and her masterpiece.

Bye y’all!

Shade Comes From Reading…

The day isn’t over at Class And Trash!

Let’s discuss shade and reading.  We’ll begin our discussion with a guest lecturer, Mr. Dorian Corey.  In this clip from the documentary, Paris Is Burning, Dorian talks about reading and shade.

I hope you took notes.  There will be a test at the end of the post.

For those who didn’t watch the video above, it breaks down like this.  Reading or a read is a direct insult meant to embarrass or hurt the target’s feelings. Shade is an insult that sounds nice or innocent with the intention of catching your target off guard.  Let’s have some examples:


Now that was a read.

mariah1 mariah2

And this is shade.

Do you see the difference?  The Dowager Countess has no concern for anyone else’s feelings.  Mariah’s sentence at its core is innocent, but she’s dismissing Nicki Minaj’s entire career.

I bring this up because as aspects of gay culture become more mainstream, it is important that we understand what we are saying and where it comes from. Simple as that.  And to be frank, there’s a metric ton on shade on this blog.  And that pleases us.


It really is one of the best feelings in the world.  What’s important is that if you catch yourself getting shaded is that you don’t respond with anger.  Fight shade with shade.  If you get upset, then that person has won.  Don’t take that!

So to wrap this up, I’ll leave you with a 3 question quiz.  (Oh you thought I was kidding?) Is this shade or a read?  Give us your answers in the polls below!

1) Harry responding to William – Shade or Read?

prince1 prince2

2) Mariah describing Eminem – Shade or Read?

andy1 andy2

3) Sheneneh’s “Customer Service” – Shade or Read?


Share your favorite shady stories or reads that make you laugh in the comments below!

“F*g 3000″/ Share Saturdays!!!

::closes office door::

co-worker – “I have a REALLY important question for you”

me – “Yeah?”

co-worker – “Like it doesn’t matter to me but….my fag 3000 went off and I need to know….Are you GAY?!”

::Pause for a commercial break::


Y’all this conversation happened to me within the first week of working.  The quotes are real. The situation is real. What this post is about is just to say……My sexuality is just that. MINES (yes with and S). Now listen, and listen good. Unless you are trying to lay down in my bed (please send me an email….currently accepting applications…HAYYYYYY!) then you need to get up out of my sexuality. Bloopity f*ckin bloop. ALSO dear sweet co-worker….say f*g in presence again. WHO DOES THAT?! Like do you go up to black people and say “Oh my GAWD my n-word 5000 went off and just HAVE to know…what part of Africa are you from?!


I literally don’t know why people expect gay people to come out in  glittery thongs, a wig, skip around, and wave a rainbow flag. That ain’t EVER gonna be me. Not sorry about it. I WILL however ALWAYS be a Beyonce stan, Nene lover, America’s Next Top Model (early seasons) fan, well dressed, smellin right, and Rupaul Drag Race Watcher (Hey Phi Phi and Latrice! Y’all Slay!). It is so frustrating because people expect this “coming out ceremony”. Like we owe them something. Well if I’m going to have a coming out CEREMONY… I expect an envelope with coins and dollars in it, OKAY?! (And don’t step to me with an envelope filled with anything LESS than $50 OKAY?!)


At this twenty whatever years young age I am (stay mad), I am three bajillion percent comfortable with who I am. Is it a journey? Sure. Am I perfect? Hell No. Is it any of your DAMN BUSINESS?! NOPE! So when it comes to sexuality you do you and I’ll do me. Okay? Okay.

To any young people or people dealing with the same thing…tell those people to get up out of your face.


But really… people can stay mad. Do you in your own time. To the people trying to force information out of their “friends” STOP. just STOP IT. Let people LIVE! No matter how many time you ask, we are NOT going to tell you until we are good and damn ready.


(Had to get that off of my chest)

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(Nene make everything better)

Pour it up, Pour it up!!!!

HAPPY FRIDAY Y’ALL!!!!! ::shimmies::

Well for today’s post I decided to share my love for Miss Rihanna Fenty. As a PROUD and very vocal member of the BeyHive, a post praising Rihanna may seem a bit off. Fun fact Friday: I own three Rihanna albums. SO for your Friday post I decided to present to you the top 10 reasons why we should all appreciate the woman known as Rihanna.

1) Let’s be honest. Despite how I feel about her being called an icon (rolls eyes), Rihanna is a stunning Barbadian beauty. There is nothing about her that isn’t pretty. Congrats Rihanna you win all of the beauty prizes. Pretty hurts, right?


2) Birthday. Cake. THIS SONG SLAYS. That beat hits and all parts of my body go round and round, up and down. Jiggle. Shimmy. Let’s be clear; the version with Chris Brown needs to go die somewhere. I only support the version with JUST Rih. STOP GIVING CHRIS BROWN MONEY. Thanks.

3) Trying to get your workout on? I DARE you to turn on “Where Have You Been” and tell me you don’t run a little faster. Don’t believe me? Try for yourself.

4) Perfect party music. There is no denying it, Rihanna is internationally known to rock a microphone. We all know her and know her songs. Turn on her music everywhere and everyone will be united in body rolling, raising their dranks (yes I meant to type dranks), and getting all of the LIFE to some Rihanna. If you don’t think this is true you haven’t seen a room full of people RUSH to the floor when Birthday Cake plays or you haven’t seen #TeamTrash show everyone how the Rude Boy Choreography REALLY goes (No Shade).

5) This.(Navy fans don’t get offended we allllll have embarrassing videos out there somewhere.)

6) Rihanna has NO TIME to deal with “da Hataz”.


7) Rihanna also taught us how to deal with all those pesky pregnancy rumors (I hate when that happens.)


8) She taught us how to get our live bands in CHECK when they mess up.

9) Has your man or woman been acting right all week? Try out these sexy lap dance moves tonight. #AlwaysClassy

10) OH my bad; has he been acting wrong? Oh girl, NO!!!! TIME TO BREAK SOME DISHES! (But this really is one of my favorite Rihanna Songs.)

What are some of you’re favorite Rihanna moments? Hope y’all have a beautiful Friday and enjoy the weekend. Don’t forget to follow us here and then head on over to the Twitter and hit that little follow button @ClassNTrashShow. Stay Classy!