Black History Facts Plus Random Thoughts

Hey y’all! It’s been a minute, now I’m back with the jumpoff.

I saw this on our dear friend Brash’s Facebook and thought it would be important to keep up with the important Black History facts she’s sharing here on the blog.

Feb. 2nd – Meet Alexander Miles. He is credited with an important evolutionary upgrade to the elevator. You know how the doors close automatically so you can ignore that coworker you don’t like or avoid the serial killer who’s after you? And also how you don’t have to close them when you get off the elevator? Thank Mr. Miles. He also improved the closing of the elevator shaft when the elevator isn’t on a floor.




Now some cobbled together thoughts…

Empire is still the greatest.  I’m going to get up some more detailed thoughts this week.  (Finally!)

RuPaul’s Drag Race is FINALLY back!!! Best believe I’ll be here recapping it with you all.

The Super Bowl was a good game.  Missy Elliott is the queen of everything. Let’s enjoy a retrospective of some of her greatest hits.

I listened to Work It so so so so many times.  One of the greatest songs of the early 2000’s.  The amount of practice to get the backwards lyrics is why I didn’t do well in Pre-Calculus.

One Minute Man with Trina PLUS The Get Ur Freak On Remix with Nelly Furtado has me about to flip a table.



Stone. Cold.  Classic.  If you don’t know this song by heart, rectify this immediately.  This is music video history.


That’s all for now.

Celebrity Jury: Justin Beiber


Greetings!  It’s everybody’s favorite day of the week and I hope that you are celebrating appropriately.  Let’s talk Beiber.

I know he’s not everyone’s favorite person right now, but we need to give him a fair trial before Congress sends him back to Canadia.  Let’s get it started.

Fact: Beiber has some measure of talent.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t seeing it for the Beib when she had that swoop bang and all manner of leather vests.  But I won’t sit here and lie.  The boy can genuinely sing and has real musical talent.  He may be releasing bubblegum pop and hip-pop but the boy got his record contract fair and square.

Fact: Baby was a bop!

And before you even try it, Baby was the jam.  You can sit here and try to deny it but it has the perfect blend of sugary pop goodness and dance beat.  He may not have hit puberty here, but if it came on at the roller skating rink?! You, me, Dupree, and Irene would get our lives!


Go get your life and bop!

Fact: Every other single (less Boyfriend) has been trash.

What pray tell is an Eenie Meenie Miney Mo lover?

No for real Beiber.  We just saw you on the steps killing it with a guitar and a feathered bowl cut.  Why would you even record this?  And with Sean Kingston??  This man??


That’s just not the answer.  I won’t even start on Favorite Girl or any of those other bland songs he’s threatened us with.

Fact: Justin is, in fact, a giant douchebag. 

With all of the recent news of your arrest, the egging, and the drag racing foolery, you would think that would be all the evidence I need.  But for serious, let’s talk about that.

This 19-year old is spending all of his money and youth on drugs and shit.  Where are his parents?  Where is Usher?  WHERE IS JUDGE JOE BROWN?!

This young queen just let all his black friends take the heat.  This young queen was racing those cars like he was on the world’s slowest Hot Wheels track high and drunk.  That’s like 7 crimes, not including the fact that now we have to endure the Beliebers starting up a movement for you.

Fact: The Beleibers are annoying as all the fucks.

Now Class is an active Beyonce stan and I will cut someone if they come for Craig David the wrong way, but there’s no reason these prepubescent trollops should be on Twitter, Facebook, or even Oovoo.  (Whatever that is)

It’s wrong to hate a celebrity because of a group of people’s actions, but damn if it isn’t hard.

Fact: Beiber has been hitting the gym.

(Source: Just Jared)

I’m not saying I’m into it.  I’m just saying I could see how someone else could be.

Fact: I thought we left these pants in the 90’s


(Source: Go Fug Yourself)

Nope.  Absolutely not.

Fact: Justin Beiber ruined a flawless Craig David song.

bianca punch

HOW DARE YOU!  As I mentioned earlier, I stan down for Craig David and may be the only one.  What you aren’t going to do is sample Fill Me In and ruin it with these croaky vocals and shitty lyrics.   THAT’S WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO!


::steps away to breathe::

Okay, now that I’ve calmed down.  What it boils down to is that the Beiber simply isn’t making quality music.  He seems to want to capture this R&B sound that most white pop stars dip into when they want to show that they’ve “matured.”

Final Verdict: It’s a no from me, sis. 

While Beiber may have had some cute bops and talent, all of his antics, fuckery, and “music” has turned off pretty much everyone.  That movie he released over the holidays flipped and flopped, he finally got arrested and delivered that mediocre beauty shot, and that petition has way more signatures than it probably should.

Hopefully, he and Lispy Brown find a prayer circle and work out those demons.  Meanwhile, let’s listen to Craig David and feel better about our lives.

Class vs. Trash – Would You Rather Challenge

Hey Girl Heeeeeey! Welcome to our first post with both Class & Trash!  We’re playing Would You Rather!  Let’s get started,

1) Would you rather –  have Fridays off or have Mondays off?

Class – Mondays. Because I turn up at Sunday Funday.  Plus, you can still go out on Friday Night.

Trash – Mondays.  I feel like having a 3-day weekend is always really exciting plus having Monday off means you can catch up on Sunday shows on the DVR.

2) Would you rather – be a clown that distracts the bull or the bull rider on the bull? 

Class – Rides the bull.  Who doesn’t want to be on top?

Trash – Rides the bull.  Because I’m immature and trashy.

3) Would You Rather – have an extra hour every day or have $40 given to you free and clear every day?

Class & Trash – $40.  Are you serious? If you put that in a savings account, you’d still be better off unless you’re Oprah (Happy Birthday!)

Let’s pause here and celebrate the Queen of All Media.

4) Would You Rather – have a photographic memory or be able to forget anything you wanted?

Class – Forget anything you wanted, so that I could forget some of the basic bitches who have come into my life.  BLOOP!

Trash – Have a photographic memory.  I like to remember things as they were plus I feel like having a photographic memory would be amazing for remembering relatives and family moments.

5) Would You Rather – have a missing finger or have an extra toe?

Class & Trash – Toe, you can hide it.

6) Would You Rather – be deaf and have no legs or be blind with no arms?

Class & Trash: Blind with no arms, because we can still hear music and kick the shit out of you.

7) Would You Rather – eat only KFC for a month or eat only Taco Bell for a year?

Class: Taco Bell.  Cheesy Gordita Crunch, WHAAAAAAT!

Trash: Taco Bell.  If this were Bojangles, this would be a different situation.

8) Would You Rather – have a great relationship with terrible sex or a terrible relationship with incredible sex?

Class: Terrible relationship with incredible sex.  Being that we are young and the trend is that people have many marriages.  The first time out, you might as well have some great sex.

photo 2

Trash: Great Relationship with terrible sex. I will admit, I’m not typically looking an emotional connection, but at some point the sex would have to get better.

8) Would You Rather – Have sex in a crowded library or in a full classroom?

Class – Full Classroom.  Not MY classroom, but who doesn’t want to hide under the teacher’s desk.

Trash – Crowded Library.  But you can’t be too loud.

9) Would you rather – Share a toothbrush with a random stranger or kiss your brother/sister on the mouth?

Class – Share a toothbrush. I’m not kissing my brother.  Good day.

Trash – Share a toothbrush.  But if the stranger has that killer gonorrhea, everyone has to die.

10) Would you rather – Would you rather eat 30 pounds of cheese or 10 full peanut butter jars with no water?

Class – Peanut Butter.  Slightly healthier. ::blinks::

Trash – Cheese.  But I’m melting it.

Give us your answers down in the comments section or let us know on Twitter at @ClassNTrashShow.  Share, like, all that good stuff!