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The Purge with Class, Trash, & Asian Sensation

So I just saw a commercial for the Purge Anarchy and thought that this would be a fun quickie post.  And since Asian Sensation is here, she’s going to join me! The challenge is to come up with the first three people you’re taking out if the purge actually happened?

Let’s get started!

Asian Sensation

1) Rihanna



She’s just a terrible human being.  She can’t really sing.  I don’t love her music.  She’s a cyber bully.  An attention whore.  And I just don’t like her.

Don’t call people “Rice Cake.”  I’m Asian.  That’s racist.

Also, don’t come for Ciara.  THE. END.


2) Miley Cyrus




Also an attention whore.  She needs to stop twerking. White people!  She didn’t invent twerking!  Please cover up your pancakes.  (Her weirdly shaped butt). Stop grinding up on married men.

3) Johnny Manziel


You’re the king of the douchebags.


1) Kirk Frost



The epitome of the ain’t shit men who get away with less than shit.  The kind of simpering, chapped lipped, pleather wearing asshole who eats paste.

2) Ann Coulter



It’s one thing to be an asshole for Cable News checks.  It’s another to continue to speak when your 15-minutes of fame has run out and the only reason we still hear from you is because Twitter is free.

3) Everyone Who Hasn’t Washed Their Hands after using the Restroom.



1) The President of FedLoan 


I’m clearing my debt.  Enough said.

2) Taylor Swift


I’m taking out Taylor Swift.  Stealing her money.  And returning her Grammy for Album of the Year to the right owner.  Beyonce for “I Am Sasha Fierce.”

3) George Zimmerman


Cuz we ain’t forgot.  NUCCA.

Share your list party people!

Happy Birthday, Class!

Class is officially another year older, another year wiser!  Let’s celebrate with a song from the elusive chanteuse herself, Britney Spears!

Make sure you send gifts! (cash and/or liquor ladies!)

Leave a nice note in the comment box won’t you??

Don’t date me if…

This is quick. But y’all need to know that if you’re going to holla at me please…

1) Don’t have crusty toes.

2) Please use Crest or Colgate whitening products.

3) Cut your hair.


5) Did you take my number in a flip phone??? Oh well delete that….

6) Learn to dress. Just copy the mannequin at the front of the store.

7) Long finger nails are gross and make think you are on drugs. Cut them, gentlemen.

8) We know you went to school. Please have a decent grasp of the English language.

9) FIND A DAMN PERSONALITY. If the conversation dies after “How are you?” We are not meant to be….

10) just…. Don’t be creepy. Thanks.

Y’all feel me or nah? Happy Saturday y’all! Hope y’all are having more dating success than I!