These are just a few of the hashtags I’ve come across that need to be stopped.

Social media is such a powerful tool.  We are allowed to connect, vent, discuss, and communicate in ways that were unheard of 20 years ago.  But some of you need to stop.  Class mentioned it here and Trash wrote a post about acting right on the internet here.

We want you to be great as well.  So use your hashtags judiciously.  Don’t tag a luxury brand when you’re wearing Target.  Use hashtags when you’re tweeting about a television show or awards broadcast.

Hope this helps!

Also, this happened and we let it.  I blame the dimeline.

Seriously, Nick?  What is happening?

Humility is a Beautiful Thing

There is real snow outside and I’m over it. No I don’t mean a dusting… I mean inches of snow and apparently we just let it sit on the ground in the south. Can I get a plow? Some salt? I couldn’t move my car if I wanted to… Anyway, I digress. I have nothing poignant or funny to say today. So I leave you with this PSA….

I am LE TIRED of scrolling through my Facebook, twitter, and instagram and seeing people’s BS. Stop hashtagging and talking about ish that no one cares about. If you are grown and still trying to fool people like you’ve arrived …just go on ahead and stop. We know what you’re doing.

#WorkingHard #Gucci #Famous #ActorInANewFilm #ImBetterThanYou #WhileYouTwerkIWork

HASHTAG WE DON’T GIVE A F*CK. We know those are orange bottom sneakers. We know you are in the local commercial for the Family Dollar Store. Congratulations you are 28 and you work on the weekends but…WE ALL DO HO!  Be proud of your achievements but let your actions and recognition speak for itself. If you have to boast about what you’re doing or what you’ve done, we feel like your covering for something. As friends we WANT to celebrate your achievement but when you slam us in the face it only makes us want to slam your face in the concrete and laugh. I’m talking about the people that get up on in the morning already talking about all they’ve accomplished today. “Got up brushed my #teeth. Put on my #Coach watch. #In the #Office. Ready to #WorkHard. Hope y’all getting that #money!” #F*ckOuttaHere Be real about you are and live in your reality. It is just exhausting to sit and scroll knowing that my status at the bank and their status at the bank is the same: nonexistent. Who are you trying to impress? WHO?! Jesus, be a pool of humility that we can dunk your lying self in.