You Can’t Have Fear and Faith at the Same Time

Don’t get it twisted…i’m still hitting tricks with bottles because i’m mad. My giving a crap about life tank is on empty…the gas light is on…and I have about one mile left before it dies.

Last night in the middle of kicking my feet in the air and crying, a la this real housewives of atlanta moment…..

Porsha Kick

I decided to revisit my homegirl, Real Talk Kim for some advice. (P.S. Someone let her and Iyanla go around fixing people lives…I PROMISE in a few years, everyone would be happier.)

“Wishing that you would get through this situation isn’t going to get you to get through it. WISHING that your finances would change ain’t gon get you finances better.”

“You gotta get up and help God help you.”


Listen Real Talk Kim brings me to tears and makes me feel like things WILL get better. Trust and BELIEVE I’m hijacking your faith girl. I need it! (Literally as I’m typing this my Mom texted me and said “So it’s no thing cause you have Gods protection around you. They can’t do anything about that!!!!!!” My mother y’all…I love her and need her…I digress)

So dear readers, lets all shake it off. Rock bottom only mean that you can go up, right? (I just hope my climb up isn’t slow…can a brotha catch the elevator to success and abundant happiness?) If nothing else, tomorrow is Friday and that deserves all the praise!!!!

Be blessed….Stay Classy…and Stay Encouraged.

::turns on “The Storm is Passing Over” and enters praise and worship in office::


It’s that time when everyone starts flooding your timelines with what they gave up and what they think the meaning of Lent is. This little ditty was shared with me and I thought I would share with y’all because it is PERFECT.

“Jesus didn’t die with 12 inch nails in Him for you to give up fried chicken for 40 days. Gotta give up stuff like fear, doubt, and worry.”





Any questions?

::drops microphone::


A Moment of Encouragement

Y’all already know how we feel about Real Talk Kim.

It’s only Monday and it’s looking like it will be a long week. I was ready to throw in the towel and plotting my sick day for later in the week. I started writing my post for tomorrow when this popped across my Facebook timeline and I just had to share.

“Some of you are ready to give up…. Stay encouraged & remember – God is working for you tonight! Heaven is holding conversation about you… Angels have been assigned to you! Be at peace!!!”

Yes. God.

Quit lookin backwards! LOOK FORWARD!

Here is a little morning encouragement while we all get our day started!

::excuse me::


::still not done::



We LOVE Real Talk Kim here sooooo much!!!!  Literally, love her. All of her messages are so inspiring and encouraging! While we here at ClassAndTrash enjoy all of the bad pop culture and deliver reads on some of not so favorable moments in life; sometime we have to give praise and be reminded that are tests in life are just apart of our testimony.

That being said PLEASE visit her website (realtalkkim.com). Follow her on twitter (@RealTalkKim). That twitter follow is KEY because she STAYS giving your timeline strong and important messages throughout the day. RealTalkKim has been a true blessing in what has been a long and stressful week.

Happy Saturday y’all!

You don’t need other people to validate you

I had to share this. I HAD TO. I just…..


After watching this I about ran around my apartment in praise.

One of my Facebook friends shared this video and I am SO GLAD that I saw it. I’ve been going through some things and I needed to hear this TODAY. This is @RealTalkKim. After finding her on Twitter, I clicked follow so fast. I hope you do the same thing. Just take a listen and remember to protect your anointing TODAY!

When God Says….No.

I hate those moments when you work your butt off for something. You’ve taken your time and done all you can to be the best and you know that you are super prepared to slay the game. You have the confidence, your outfit is flyyyyy, and can’t NOBODY tell you that are not the shit. You knock that audition or job interview out of the park! You go home flipping your hair left to right, have a victory meal, maybe a cocktail, and you go to bed with a damn smile on your face. These days you feel like you have arrived! FINALLY, I’m getting out of the storm.

And then the next day…… God says Nope! Your spirits are completely shattered. You cry, you pout, you kick and scream. It feels like everyone around you is having the perfect day. You cry some more, turn on that inspirational music (gospel for me), and you try your hardest to re-qroup.

I’ve said it here before. Life is hard. Growing up is hard. Finding your place in this adult world is HARD. Getting up after you’ve been knocked down can be one of the hardest things to do. Climbing back up that mountain is rough when you feel like you have no strength left to give. But here at Class and Trash we believe you can get up and do it. So if you’re reading this at night, remember there is a fresh start tomorrow. If you’re reading this in the morning, remember it is never too late to do something to change your perspective and make the day better. Now let’s hope I follow my own damn advice. Dry up those tears y’all. We got this!

My go to song for moments like this! Enjoy!