Trashy Thursday – The Hoodrat Tunes of YouTube

It’s my favorite day of the week, y’all!

Now as evident by the daily tweet of hoodrat jams, I love a good vulgar rap song.  Today, I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

These are not safe for work, so headphones!

1) Shit’n On You Hoe – Geisha

So Geisha was brought to my attention via Kid Fury (@KidFury on Twiiter) and she’s the greatest.  She does hair on YouTube, raps, and dances. That’s 2 more talents than Ciara.

Geisha is not here for you fake friends, your shady antics, or basic bitches.  She’s better than you and you will just have to deal.


Trash’s favorite line: “Back up, I can’t breathe, bitch! BACK UP, I CAN’T BREATHE.  BITCH! You’se a pussy ass hoe.”

2) Checkmate – J. Doll

From the first moment that J. Doll sips fake wine from her glass in her oversized lace pink gloves, I’m hooked.  Then you throw in her lisp, hot pants, and headband and this is unstoppable.

What J. Doll lacks in singing talent, she more than makes up in enthusiasm.  Despite what sound like insults, I dig the song.  I bop along to the beat and the chorus is catchy.


Trash’s favorite line: “I’ma be that bad bitch, I’ma be that hot bitch, I’ma be that smart bitch, I’ma be that pretty bitch!”

3) Make Me Nut – Coco Brown

This one is particularly vulgar, but it is also my personal favorite.  (Cues Class’s calling me Trash)

But really her flows are good.  She’s mastered product placement (evidenced in my favorite line of the song) and she’s got that thug mistress element that I really love.  Like she just got off from her shift at Popeye’s, picked up some lingerie from Cato, and recorded this masterpiece.  I’m here for that.

dineva bop

Trash’s favorite line: “Pussy so fresh like Listerine, and it smell like Crystal Springs!”

4) So Exotic – Young A

I don’t want you to think I’m only here for the ladies of YouTube.  Here we find a treasure from friend of the blog Sam!  She had to bring her future husband to our attention.  Young A also has the luxury of the most expensive camera AND a feature from Gucci Mane.

Unfortunately for Young A, he’s a worse rapper than J. Doll.  (I genuinely like Geisha & Coco’s rapping) But don’t let that lack of talent lead you to believe that I’m not bopping saying “SO EXOTIC” over and over again.

yankin bop

Trash’s favorite line: “Stop the hatin’, stop the fakin’, Stop the water hatin!”

I’ll stop here as this is a lot to take in!  Share with us some of your favorite YouTube classics and perhaps one will be the Hoodrat Tune of the Day!  Follow us over at @ClassNTrashShow on Twitter and share us with your friends!