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RuPaul’s Drag Race S6, Ep9 Recap

Hello, hello, helloooooooooo!

It’s time for another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

The ladies re-enter to Laganja’s brief message.  Adore and Courtney discuss how awkward her exit and Trinity blames Bianca.  Joslyn lightens the mood by blaming Bianca for winning the challenge.  Courtney then calls Joslyn out for being the “Dida Ritz” of season 6, just floating by.  Dela calls her out for being less polished than the rest of the competition.  To the theme song!

Once we re-enter the work room, the girls get a She-mail message from Ru

Let’s pause here for a moment.  There was a lot of uproar after the Female or She-Male mini-challenge from Episode 4. This has led Logo to cut that episode from its broadcast lineup and remove the title She-mail from Ru’s opening challenge hints.  The argument being that since She-Male is a derogatory term for the trans community, its use was offensive and hurtful to their cause.  While I’m obviously not trans, I thought that game was innocent enough, used only drag queens instead actual trans women, and was named more for the rhyme rather than an out and out exercise in rudeness.  I guess in my mind, this wasn’t an intent to be offensive.  It simply was meant to be cheeky and silly.  I don’t mean that people shouldn’t be offended, but I simply think this is an overreaction on Logo’s part.  Am I being insensitive?  Let me know in the comments.

Anyway, RuPaul makes references to late-night talk shows but it is now time for the mini-challenge.  The Pit Crew comes out with 6 extra menses to play “Hung-Man!” Ru asks questions and the men slowly turn around to reveal their butts adorned with letters.   The only notable “answer” is Bianca’s response to “What Lady Bunny Has.” The challenge answers mostly had “ass” in them.  How fun!  Ben DelaCreme takes the win!

Ru then announces that the ladies need to “sissy that talk” in a talk show challenge!  The dolls are challenged to interview Chaz Bono and Georgia Holt.  Courtney’s excitement over being one degree of separation from Cher.  Joslyn tries to choose her outfit so that she isn’t read on the runway.  Let’s let Bianca tell it.

“So I notice that everyone in the room is working on their research, and I see Joslyn across the room picking out 3 ugly dresses.  Really? I thought for sure she would have worn one of her nine bikinis! This is a special event.”

Bianca >>>>>>>>

Ru enters the workroom and we see Joslyn’s opening line with far too many references to vagina (a direct call out of Alaska’s excitement from last season).


Courtney’s question about what the judges are looking for from her.  Trinity is encouraged and excited which is so nice for her.  Ru also encourages Adore to be more prepared for challenges.  Courtney is really perceptive in how Adore shuts down when she’s not confident.

Paula Abdul is the other guest judge! Let’s skip to the actual challenge.  There’s a hint of lip sync and intro.

Adore is not good.  You can tell she’s nervous and she really doesn’t seem to be listening to any of Georgia’s answers.  “Party” is not a great response to being told about the Depression.  She also makes the same mistake she made in the comedy challenge, where she verbalizes her excuse instead of focusing on getting through it.

Bianca does a really good job utilizing her research but it comes across very short and like she’s not really listening to Chaz’s responses.  She also ran out of time before getting to ask Georgia any questions.

You can tell that Trinity is really trying to be upbeat and pull through, but she is derailed when she calls Chaz “Chad” throughout the entire interview.  She looks good though and you can tell that she’s trying to keep it light and fun.

Courtney is a rock star. She manages to make Georgia and Chaz both smile and laugh.  She also ask serious questions and manages to come across professional.  Her hair is not great.

Darienne’s interview is uncomfortable. She is trying her best to come across fun, but between the jewelry falling off, her tragic Cher impression, and her lack of chemistry with the interviewees just ruins the moment.

Dela is really good!  She puts them on the spot in a charming way and comes across prepared and likable.  Her look is a fun throwback to 70’s talk shows like the Dinah Shore Show.

Joslyn looks a little cheap and that wig is a no.  Her intro still doesn’t work although she edited it so that she doesn’t actually say vagina.  Her joke about not remembering is really good and makes Georgia and Chaz giggle.  She loses the plot with a question about Georgia going to the abortion clinic.


Now, in Joslyn’s defense, Georgia speaks about the decision to keep Cher in her documentary and comes across relatively open about the topic.  My guess is that Joslyn thought this would be an opportunity to get to “know” Georgia and humanize the interview but it reads as tone deaf.

We skip the runway prep as RuPaul slinks down the a black gown with what appears to be a bedazzled breast cancer ribbon.  Her face is beat for Zeus though.  Ru tells Paula that she is most lip-synced artist in the herstory of the show.  The theme of the runway is “Animal Couture.”

Darienne’s dress is a completely clever take on the elephant.  I love the earrings and how the design mimics a trunk. But there is still something off about the fit on her. Beautiful makeup though.

Adore looks a mess.  Her pleather bodysuit and mask don’t fit the theme at all and her wig is not great either.

Ben DelaCreme’s fly outfit and walk is fantastic. The look is so creative and well executed.  I’m so glad she recovered.


Bianca’s cheetah gown is really enhanced by her body paint.  It’s still the same silhouette girl, but she looks gorgeous as per usual.

Joslyn looks terrible again.  You all know that I love her but she misses the entire theme.  I’m not sure what this has to do with animals and it doesn’t stand on its own as a good costumen.

Trinity has some of the best runway work of the season.  Her bird look is serving Carnivale-realness.  I don’t love her face this time as much but it’s still a great look.

Courtney Act. 


Back on top like a boss.  I can’t take how fabulous she is right there.  WERQ!

In the critiques, Michelle calls out Darienne’s nipples.  Adore is called out for her runway look (a panther though?) and her nerves during the challenge.  Dela gets the praise she deserves and I’m so glad she impressed Michelle.  Bianca continues to be flawless but this is the first challenge where she hasn’t really brought it.  Joslyn calls herself a “glamazonian warrior princess” which is so off-base.  She tries to cover it with a Diane Sawyer joke, but you can tell it falls flat too.  Santino actually gives a solid critique.  Michelle lets Joslyn know that her question was really uncomfortable and ill-timed.

That said, Joslyn genuinely apologizes and is praised by Georgia for the rest of her interview.  Courtney makes them laugh with a joke about handcuffs and continues to dominate this challenge.  Trinity is praised for her look but getting Chaz’s name wrong really is a huge error.

The judges deliberate and call out Darienne’s crappy Cher impression.  There’s a ton of praise for Dela and Courtney, although Michelle feels that Courtney’s energy dropped.  Chaz and Georgia disagree and are team Courtney.  The judges actually note that Bianca was professional and smart, but wasn’t able to translate her skill to the daytime TV format.  Michelle calls out Joslyn’s meaty tuck, but Paula praises her genuine apology for her misstep.

We return to the runway where Bianca and Dela are sent to safety.  Courtney Act wins! Totally deserved.  Darienne is sent to safety.  Adore is put into the bottom two.  Trinity’s runway is praised but her talk show dismissed.  Joslyn looked terrible on the runway but put her foot in her mouth during the interview.  She is sent to safety leaving Trinity in the bottom two.

Adore and Trinity lip sync to Vibeology by Paula Abdul.  Trinity is completely sensual and hits every beat.  Adore is high energy and really animates her face.  Loved her cartwheel and that random butt slam move.  When the girl start to interact, the lip sync heats up and it really is a toss up between the girls.  I love their salsa.  Such a good lip sync.

Adore is saved over Trinity, most likely since this was her first lipsync.  Ru also obviously wants to see more of her.Trinity gives a genuine, heart warming speech that is so mature and professional.  She is awesome.  I’m glad that she got to go out on such a positive note.

Now I know that Class and a lot of other people thought Joslyn should have been in the bottom and sent home.  While I think it was neck and neck between her, Adore, and Trinity, from the editing of the show you can tell that Georgia actually liked her up until the needle scratch moment.  That plus her apology seem to have saved her.  And obviously Adore was going to have to lip sync in front of her former American Idol judge.  That said, there’s definitely a target on Joslyn’s back now.

In Untucked, Joslyn talks about her mistake.  Darienne is finally called out for being an evil bitch.  Adore is nervous.  Not too eventful, but entertaining.

What did you all think?  Did Ru make the right decision sending Trinity home?  How much did Courtney Act slay?  Who are your top 3??  Leave us a comment!