bankhead bounce

Trashy Thursday: Crank That!

What time is it?

It’s Trashy Thursday, y’all!!!!


These legs are EVERYTHING!

But tear yourself away from the sassy elegance and let’s focus on some of my favorite dance crazes from that past few years.

Every few years or so, some dumb dance craze comes out that everyone does.  If you are that person in the club who can’t keep up, you just end up sitting on the sidelines sipping your drunk cursing that you didn’t have rehearsal before you hit the club!


So let’s crip walk down memory lane!

1) The Heeltoe w/Alyson Stoner (AKA the fly girl from the Missy videos)

2) The Bankhead Bounce (set to Wassup, Wassup by the A-Town Players)

3) The Original Harlem Shake (Where is G-Dep??)

4) The Stanky Leg (too busy bopping to talk here)

5) Walk It Out (DJ UNK!! I’m a sophomore in college again)

6) Halle Berry (this happened!!!)

7) The Dougie (the original.  Because yes)

8) Flex (All of this!)

So what are your favorites?? I didn’t include the Soulja Boy, The Roy which is a personal favorite, or the Snap.  I love them, but they just didn’t make my life the way these did.  Hit us up on Twitter at @ClassNTrashShow or leave us a comment.

::hits my douglas::

Drag Race Week – Favorite RuPaul Jams

Hey Guys! It’s only one week until the start of Drag Race Season 6!!! Both Class & I are super excited so we’ve dedicated this week to celebrating one of our favorite shows.

Now any fan of Drag Race knows that the show is a means to promote the many bops of RuPaul.  And you know what, it’s worked.  I have at least 8 of his songs in heavy rotation on my Spotify.  Let’s talk about some of my favorites!

1) Glamazon

The theme for Season 4, Glamazon is super listenable. You whip your imaginary ponytail around and stomp out the nearest runway.


2) Peanut Butter f. Big Freedia

Come on twerk anthem!!!

3) Tranny Chaser

This anthem gave me what can only be described as my secret favorite Drag Race moment ever.

Mystique - honorable mention

Yaaaaaaass Mystique!

4) Cover Girl f. Bebe Zahara Benet

The theme for season one, Cover Girl feels fresh out of the 90’s just like Supermodel.  It’s a fun song to stomp down the runway to.


I also love Bebe’s rap from the season one finale.  FACE FACE FACE, I NEED FACE, BEAUTY FACE!

5) Lick It Lollipop f. Lady Bunny

My jam!  This is actually my favorite RuPaul jam.  The staccato fruit list into Lady Bunny’s “I’ll let you lick it” refrain is just everything.  Excuse me while I groove.



What are your favorite RuPaul songs?  Let us know in the comments below or via Twitter.