Trashy Thursday is back, snitches! It’s been far too long since the dulcet tones of hoodboogers have populated this blog.  But how exactly do we come back??


Now by the time we were blessed with this duo, Cash Money has been around for a while. But like a bat out of hell, Still Fly came through and stormed the charts gaining the duo MTV-Level fame with the catchy hook and hilarious subject matter.  So let’s take a step back and just deep dive in the anthems.

This Is How We Do is perfect.  Mannie Fresh truly was the best part of Cash Money.  His productions are why so many of their jams were so catchy.  This song has his fingerprints all over it.  Baby might as well be a feature rapper in it.


Now Stun’n is actually their first single as a duo.

The sheer difference between the sound here between the first two songs we listened to is a clear example of late 90’s Dirty South rap and the early 2000’s rap that was played on the top 40 stations. It’s not just the money difference.  It’s a range in style and polish. It’s in the griminess of Stun’n juxtaposed with the slickness and pleasant beats of This Is How We Do.  But you can go to Complex to get a true historical point-of-view on rap and hip hop.









Listen, I just had a pure dance break to this.  Also, how many people punched themselves in the face getting their roll on?  I was actually driving home to NC from Boston for my vacation when this song came on the radio.  I, of course, started to jam and dance.  Luckily, there was no damage to my car or the Chikfila drive-thru.


Let’s go back to an earlier jam.


EVERYTHING I TELL YOU! If you aren’t pursing your lips and shoulder bopping, you’re not listening to it correctly.


YES YES YES YES YES! The Cribs parody. The cornrows.

So this is my absolute favorite Big Tymers song of all time.  OF ALL TIME!!! It just makes me smile so hard.  The special effects!


Story Time! So young Trash actually attended a Big Tymers concert back in the day.  It was pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen. During Oh Yeah!, there was a giant diamond set piece.  During the breakdown, the top opened and what had to be 100 hoochies dressed in metallic swimwear poured out to dance around the stage for the next few songs.  It was SO SO SO GOOD!!!! Y’all the early 2000’s were a glorious time.  I only paid $5 for my ticket.

To close this out, turn your hymnals to Page 55, Bling Bling.

I know I left out some brilliant tracks. 10 Wayz and Fuck You are other favorites.  What are yours? Share your favorite memories of Baby and Mannie Fresh.

Another Music Challenge Post

So I’m running on E when it comes to a topic today.  And you know what that means!  Arbitrary list of 5 music videos!!!


So there is a 100-day music challenge which I’m obviously not going to do.  But I used Excel’s Random Number Generator to randomly pick 5 of the questions so I could put this small playlist in your life.  Let’s go!

2) A song from the first album you ever bought. (What was the album?)

Song: Tell Him – Lauryn Hill
Album: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Now I was not rich growing up.  I remember being completely jealous of my classmates and friends who had CD players (Discman’s specifically).  The summer between 7th and 8th grade, my mom bought me my first CD player and I was so freaking excited.  The first two CD’s that I owned were gospel compilations (Do they still make WOW Gospel?).  But the first album I purchased with my own money was The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill proving that my taste has been flawless forever.

But this song.  I get emotional listening to it every single time.  Like I remember every time that I’ve craved someone.  That I’ve loved someone.  I just close my eyes and I’m instantly in that moment.  The moment where I fell.  I don’t know how you could listen to this and not feel something inside.

41) A song you can remember from when you were at school.

Song: Joseph’s Coat (The Coat Of Many Colors)

Umm…this is a stupid question.  To force it to make more sense, I’ve decided to pick a song I remember from middle school.  That’s when I got my Lauryn Hill album so why the hell not.

So back in seventh grade, I had my star-making role of Isaachar in my middle school’s production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  ::sarcasm:: It was really fun though and this is the song that comes to my head as soon as I think of my musical experience.  Also, getting to be nasty was pretty fun.

71) A song by an artist with the same first/last name as you.

Song: All You Wanted – Michelle Branch

Come on White Cousin!  Listen, Class and I were just talking about how the group of ladies who snatched the early 2000’s with their flawless bops, Michelle included.  I think it was a reaction to the Britney/Christina/Jessica/Mandy vein of sugary sweet pop music.  They made Michelle, Avril, Vanessa, and Fefe come across more edgy and “real” and that resonated with huge part of my generation.  Twas a good time.

Don’t even pretend you don’t like this song.  It’s fabulous.

81) An 80’s pop song by an artist who thinks he’s/she’s really cool.

Song: Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) – Samantha Fox

Who made up this challenge again?  These questions are stupid.  So I’m just going to give us an 80’s pop song because WTF.  Why would I assume they think they are cool?  Wouldn’t that only leave me with Corey Feldman as the only option?

ANTYWAYS! Let’s talk about Samantha Fox and how she is one of my patron saints.  Some people have martyrs and holy people, I have late 80’s pop stars.  Don’t judge me.

But this song is EVERYTHING.  This is a bop in every sense.  The dance beat with the hip hop influence.  The male background singers? Come on!

The gayest gang since the Bad video.

Her dance moves??




91) A song for a romantic dinner.

Title: Kiss Me On My Neck – Erykah Badu

Some of us haven’t been to romantic dinners.  Rude ass questions.

But legit, I don’t give Erykah Badu nearly the props she deserves for the quality music she has brought to my life.  I feel like this is the kind of song you want playing gently as you wrap up the meal where you dance and sway a bit together.  As the dinner turns towards a nightcap.

And who doesn’t want a kiss on their neck? Amiright???

Now it’s on you people. Are these questions as dumb as I think they are?  What song would have picked for that 80’s question?  Leave us a comment below!

King of Music: J-Kwon

It’s Friday, Friday!

And Trash is finally ready to write a post.  Now we’ve crown a few queens of music.  Queen Cassie and Queen Lumidee.  But you know it’s time to pay homage to a King of music.  But who holds their own against iconic bops like Me And U and Uh Ooh.


Teen drinking is very bad.  YO, I GOT A FAKE ID, THOUGH!

Bow down, bishes, bow bow down BISHES!!!!

Okay, let’s back up.  J-Kwon came out my senior year of high school and seemed to be a response to the Nelly and Chingy wave of St. Louis based hip hop that had came to dominate the charts.  Now for you all who may not remember, the early to mid-2000’s saw rap music take over the pop charts in a huge way.  It was an amazing time that led to the world’s greatest one hit wonders.  Let’s two step and talk about Tipsy and why it is flawless.

The first verse starts with J-Kwon counting and talking about how great the party is.  The girl is feeling his steez, but she got a bad attitude.  You don’t get none.  The counting structure is clever and you can’t take it. We are jamming obviously because the song snatches wigs. To be honest, I’m struggling to write this post because I’m doing the Chickenhead around my apartment and rapping along.


I don’t know the song just does things to me.  I smile every single time I hear it.  Something about J-Kwon’s crooked smile and centipede cornrows gets me going.  The beat is just random noises.  It’s amazing.  I think the appeal of the song is that it’s not complicated.  It’s a party song about getting drunk and the things that happen at hoodrat house parties.  It doesn’t try to be more than it is and it’s great fun.  Also, J-Kwon’s mush mouth is hilarious.

And Billboard thought so too.  Tipsy went to #7 on the Pop charts and was the #11 song of the whole damn year.  Stay mad haters!


Although Wikipedia is being super shady as I do my research, calling this song a “novelty” single.

So J-Kwon achieved international success and had made mince meat of your favorite rappers.  What happened next?

It’s the new improved Hood Hop!

So how do you follow up an anthem about underaged drinking?  A song about the streets with a fun dance attached!  Obviously.

Honestly, the most notable thing about this video is watching J-Kwon step touch all through the video.  At least, his cornrows had hang time.  Hood Hop didn’t quite light up the charts but don’t act like you don’t remember it!

Ooh, I like when he randomly makes letters of a word in the specific line he’s rapping.

And that was that. Although Wikipedia tells me that there were more singles.  Let’s listen to one!

Oh wait! I remember this song!  See, I was being rude.  You and Me was a cute little song.  Unfortunately, the best summer love song that is a rap/sung collaboration was L’il Flip’s Sunshine.  Sorry bout it.

Now as far as I remember, that was the end of his career but there are at least 3 more J-Kwon’s albums to be explored.  I don’t know if I’m quite ready to explore those depths. Even Trash has his limits, yall.


But because I don’t want you all miss out the rest of the King’s discography, here it is.

Like Dis featuring Andy Milonakis

Take it to the flo, Andy! Take it to the hood, Kwon!

A guest verse on the Fresh Azimiz Remix???

But I don’t see him in the video though.  I have questions.

And the Louie Bounce aka I Smacked Nikki!!!!!


Wait!  Wait!  This is amazing.


Listen, like I said about Lumidee. There are some careers that could only have happened and been sustained during the early 2000’s.  And just as the curse got Chingy, J-Kwon’s brand of rapping wasn’t going to hold up.  We never took him seriously as a rapper and when pushed to try to keep up with the trends, we got I Smacked Nikki.  And he didn’t even have his looks to fall back on.

jkwon2 jkwon3

Eek.  But for one glorious moment, we had Tipsy and J-Kwon was on top of the world.  And that’s why he is a King of Music.

Celebrity Jury: Bow Wow

What’s up, what’s happening??

Now it’s been a while since we have had a court session.  You can catch up here, here, and here! Let’s talk about Shad Moss.  L’il Bow Wow.  Mr. 106 & Park!


Get into those luxurious locks!  Let’s get started.

Fact: Bow Wow has some jams.





Don’t be mad!

Fact: This Bow Wow and Omarion thing happened…


You know how Watch The Throne was like super successful?  This was the Dollar General version of that.  And it was trash.  The songs were trash.  The only quality thing we got from this was Bow Wow’s sass.

“We gone own the forff quarter!
And if you don’t jump on the bandwagon now…”

::neck roll:: ::finger wave::

This song was trash.  Even if you liked it, you were wrong.

Fact: Bow Wow is not ugly.

Short, yes.  Ugly, no.


Fact: Remember him dating Ciara??

Ciara, girl those notes!

Fact: You didn’t think I forgot Marco Polo, did you????


Fact: Roll Bounce is the worst.


Nope.  Not even a little.  This movie was terrible in every way.

Fact: Bow Wow is realistic.

Currently, Bow Wow is a host on 106 & Park.  This was a show where he dominated the countdowns and was a featured guest at one point.  I remember people clowning him for taking the gig as it was acceptance that he was no longer famous anymore.  I might have even done it.

But let’s get real, times are hard for those stars who came up in the early 2000’s.  It was a different time and sound that is now considered dated by most. So instead of going hungry, Shad took a job that pays consistently and keeps him employed.  He’s not out here scooting across Queen Latifah’s floor or releasing videos with the World Star Hip Hop tag.

So I’m not going to dis finding a way to stay paid without resorting to super flop ass records.


Fact: Azimiz???

Fact: Bow Wow led to the best Catfish episode ever.

D-Pimpin: My name is Bow Wow.

    Nev: Your name is not Bow Wow.  What’s your name.

D-Pimpin: Shad Moss.

Did you all watch this episode?  It was incredible.  Part-time model/McDonald’s cashier thinks that Bow Wow is in love with her after a Facebook message response.  She also receives $10,000 which is how she knows it’s real.

D-Pimpin is a struggle rapper/mooch who gets money from her “mixtape” and uses a lambskin dildo to trick unsuspecting straight women.

It is all so AMAZING!

Verdict: Why not?

You know, I went into this thinking that the Bow Wow verdict would be a huge no, but honestly, I like Bow Wow.

Sure he hasn’t had any chart success recently, but he’s managed to get himself attached to the Fast & Furious franchise, keep a steady pay check, and he has some tunes that I jam to.  He hit some financial troubles but so did everyone associated with Jermaine Dupri.  Even Jermaine Dupri.  I just hope Dem Franchise Boyz are set.

So you know, team Bow Wow.  Let’s end with another sassy video clip from the Bow Wow/Omarion days.


Quickie Post: Flashback

Hey boo!

It’s Sunday. I’m trying to watch these Housewives and win my favorites in the draft.  I’ll let you know the results tomorrow.

But last night, my fake roommate and I took a stroll down memory lane and I wanted you to get aboard this Soul Train and body roll.

1) Uh Huh – B2K

Listen.  Teenage Trash was all in his feelings when this video came out.  All them abses and armses.


I was never here for Omarion as the lead, but those other 3???  My body was all the way ready.  And you’re just going to have to deal.

2) Do That – Birdman f. Diddy


Yaaaaaassssssss! Listen.  Baby is not a good rapper.  Diddy is an even worse rapper.  This song is FLAWLESS.  FLAWLESS I TOLD YOU!!!

Also, I’m obviously that white girl dancing in her room and sneaking into the party.

3) Tell Me – Smilez & Southstar


Gospel!  Smilez & Southstar deserve so much more recognition! Let’s trade Macklemore and that other one.  We need more wisdom!

Those two had so much to tell us about superstar celebrity relationships.  Those girls did not appreciate Smilez or Southstar when they had them!  And now they are incredibly successful rappers…


4) Tipsy – J.Kwon




As I mentioned in this post, The Chickenhead is a flawless dance from my high school years.  As is Tipsy.  From the opening lines, J-Kwon let us know what the deal was.  The counting that frames each verse.  His original crooked smile.  (Sorry J-Cole).

Wait J-Cole/J-Kwon?   Crooked smiles?



5) Who’s That Girl – Eve

We really don’t give Eve nearly enough credit.  She’s a successful rapper who had a television show and a clothing line.  This song, while not her opus (Love is Blind, obviously), is every slice of thing.

Now excuse me while I shimmy and step.

Have a great night and leave us your favorite bop from the early 2000s!


A Tribute: Can’t Take Me Home

Happy Saturday!  It’s time to pay tribute to another one of the most important pop culture moments for Team Trash.


This album came out my freshman year of high school and was one of my first non-gospel album purchases.  I loved that her name was P!nk and that she had pink hair.  I loved the subtle grit in her voice.  I love the obvious R&B influence.  This was the soundtrack to part of my life.  So I wanted to take the time and let you know why this album slays, snatches, and scalps.  Let’s get started.

Track 1: Split Personality

Here we open with a song with a slight preview into what Pink would give us on the second album.  The slick, schizophrenic production with its starts and stops are fantastic.  The bass line goes.  I’m a sucker for call and response in pop music, so to hear Pink’s “inner voice” talking back to her while she sings about the quirks of her personality really get me.

“Aren’t you glad you have someone to talk to?”

I think I really relate to this song because I feel like I’m different people at any given moment.  When the chips are down, I definitely run the risk of spiraling out of control.  “Can they see my many personalities?” is actually a constant fear for me, even though I cultivated these personalities through careful observation and the knowledge that code switching would be necessary as an African American in the corporate world.

Another thing, we all know that Pink has this big voice, but she’s pulled herself back and is allowing her vocal control to do the work.  The harmonies are on point.  It’s a fantastic opener to a great album.

Track 2: Hell With Ya

The first bitter ex-girlfriend song from Pink is another bop.  It’s very early aughts but I think that Pink has the attitude to pull this off.  This is the kind of song early-Destiny’s Child would have killed.

The transition of being happily over this man to seeing the way he treats his new lady friend is one that’s not often explored.  Especially in the bridge, where she starts to feel some type of way because she can’t figure out what makes this girl deserving of real romance while he treated her like shit.  Who has not been there?  And don’t even get me started on her delivery.  It’s life.

This song also has one of my singular favorite lines in music:

“So I hear, I met the wench before.  Remember that time we went to Pizza Hut and you told me she was your cousin!”



Track 3: Most Girls

We’ve reached Pink’s second single from the album.  Another Pink staple is the “strong, independent woman” genre.  While this song is completely fantastic, it’s not my personal favorite from the album.  The bass drum hits that lead the chorus, the operatic stings in the bridge, Pink’s ad libs, and the synth loop is all perfection.

The counter-melody leading into the final chorus is another spot-on production moment.  Love this song.

Track 4: There You Go


This was the moment that I fell in love with Alecia Moore.  I remember waking up for school on time and rushing to get ready just to see this video on MTV.  I could listen to this song all DAMN DAY.

Pink’s palpable sass is EVERYWHERE on this song.  Her vocals are LIFE ACQUIRED.  Who hasn’t had that moment where you’re like Bye Ashy! to your raggedy ex for being raggedy?  This song is the perfect embodiment of that feeling.

The “Now You’re Begging Me to Stay” into the 2nd chorus is just a sampling of Pink’s perfect ad lib placement on this record.  I honestly could go on and on about this song, but you know it!  You love it.  You performed this at karaoke last Saturday.

Track 5: You Make Me Sick

More Sassy Pink! This time, the man is driving her crazy sexually instead of with his lies and betrayal.  The operatic notes are back and the bass is grooving.

I love this song because it gives Pink’s tone a chance to serve us sex kitten which is always good fun and rare.

“The way he licked his lips and touched my hips, I KNEW THAT HE WAS SICK!”

COME ON ALECIA! ::throws something:: Sometimes we do get weak and that man-friend catches us off guard.  I love this one.  Fun fact, it was featured on the Save The Last Dance soundtrack.


Track 6: Let Me Let You Know

The first slow jam on the album and it’s the weakest of the offerings, unfortunately.  I think that taking Pink’s sass away leaves this song a bit tepid.

The song is very pretty and definitely listenable.  Her vocals slay, especially as the song draws to a close.  But this song doesn’t feel like the same voice as the rest of the album.  She’s leaving and she’s sad, but there’s no aggression to it.  It’s too soft.

Track 7: Love Is Such A Crazy Thing

A personal favorite.  The harmonies.  THE HARMONIES!

The raw emotion in her voice.  While this song is emotional in a similar way to ‘Let Me Let You Know,’ the song feels way more genuine.  She stretches herself vocally. This is the same girl who would sing ‘There You Go’ and ‘You Make Me Sick’.  The sass is back, but these are the thoughts of a more complex woman which this album paints Pink as.

Track 8: Private Show

Another classic.  I keep going back to the phrase “sass” but I live for this Pink.  You can’t hide me!  I’m not just your little sex game.  Pink’s lower register is on display.  This song is super listenable.  I just adore it.


Track 9: Can’t Take Me Home

Aww Pink, we were jamming.  The namesake for the album is actually my least favorite track on the album.  This song has great moments and I want to love it, but I feel like the production is too light.  It’s like Pink is singing about how “dangerous” she is, how tempting she is and how this man can’t share her with his bland, disapproving family.  It’s not a strong enough statement for a girl like Pink.  But she tries her best.

Track 10: Stop Falling

FLAWLESS.  The emotional resonance.  Pink’s vocal performance.  The softness in her voice.  The single best moment on the album.  There’s no words that I can say to justify the brilliance here.

Track 11: Do What U Do

This strong, independent woman jam is another listenable song, but after the amazing moment that was Stop Falling, it’s more on the meh side of things.  I don’t hate it and it’s fun to bop to as you drive.  But more on the filler side.

Track 12: Hiccup

Now we’re back on track.  Love the sass.  Love the delivery.  Love the production.  The hi-hat?  The beat is off the charts.  The “I’s” in the background liven it up.  Pink has some fabulously accurate runs while still using that trademark rasp.  This is what Christina Aguilera wants to do but can’t seem to master.

The breakdown?  “Pink don’t think before she speak! But you got me feeling, feeling, feeling, kind of weak!”


Track 13: Is It Love?

We’ve reached the end of the album and end on a high note.  The hip hop influence is strong.  I seriously love the octave jump from the first verse to the second verse.  I love that it’s about losing your virginity and the fear and feelings that occur after.  It seriously captures that conversation perfectly.  And the breakdown???


Yes Pink Yes!  This is a great way to capture the defiant spirit of the album with the emotional vulnerability that Pink executes so well.

Overall Rating

I give this album a 4/5.  The high moments are flawless and the low moments are not bad, only off message.  Pink has gone on to incredible success and pays a bit of dust to this album (Pink has always wanted a more rock sound as opposed to the R&B influnces here).  She shouldn’t do.  She delivered a statement making first album and I live for it.

What’s your favorite track?  Any favorite Pink memories?  Let us know over at @ClassNTrashShow on Twitter or down in the comments section.