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Quickie Post: Your Black History Fact & My February Jam

Let’s start this off with your Black History Fact of the Day!


Althea Gibson was an American tennis player and professional golfer, and the first black athlete to cross the color line of international tennis. In 1956, she became the first person of color to win a Grand Slam title (the French Open). The following year she won both Wimbledon and the U.S. Nationals (precursor of the U.S. Open), then won both again in 1958, and was voted Female Athlete of the Year by the Associated Press in both years. She won 11 Grand Slam tournaments, including six doubles titles, and was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame and the International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Come on Althea!



So if you think back to the first episode of Empire.  We opened with this song.

I’ve been listening it non-stop ever since.  I love her voice, I love the harmonies.  SO GOOD.


Black History Facts Plus Random Thoughts

Hey y’all! It’s been a minute, now I’m back with the jumpoff.

I saw this on our dear friend Brash’s Facebook and thought it would be important to keep up with the important Black History facts she’s sharing here on the blog.

Feb. 2nd – Meet Alexander Miles. He is credited with an important evolutionary upgrade to the elevator. You know how the doors close automatically so you can ignore that coworker you don’t like or avoid the serial killer who’s after you? And also how you don’t have to close them when you get off the elevator? Thank Mr. Miles. He also improved the closing of the elevator shaft when the elevator isn’t on a floor.




Now some cobbled together thoughts…

Empire is still the greatest.  I’m going to get up some more detailed thoughts this week.  (Finally!)

RuPaul’s Drag Race is FINALLY back!!! Best believe I’ll be here recapping it with you all.

The Super Bowl was a good game.  Missy Elliott is the queen of everything. Let’s enjoy a retrospective of some of her greatest hits.

I listened to Work It so so so so many times.  One of the greatest songs of the early 2000’s.  The amount of practice to get the backwards lyrics is why I didn’t do well in Pre-Calculus.

One Minute Man with Trina PLUS The Get Ur Freak On Remix with Nelly Furtado has me about to flip a table.



Stone. Cold.  Classic.  If you don’t know this song by heart, rectify this immediately.  This is music video history.


That’s all for now.

Rating the Players NFL Draft

Joining me tonight is a Guest Blogger, The Asian Sensation!  I suggested Smash since she wants to smash the players of the draft, but she said no!



Just so we’re clear, this is not about their playing ability.  This is about how bang-able the player is.  The scale will be from 1 to 10.  Join in at the bottom!

1) Houston Texans: Jadaveon Clowney from South Carolina


Asian Sensation: He has a nice smile and good body.  I can deal with the dreds but the Draft Day hairstyle.  6/10

Trash: That hair though…  But he’s very average looking  in a good way. 5/10

Except for that bump on his lip. Minus one for each of us.

Overall Average: 4.5/10

2) St. Louis Rams: Greg Robinson from Auburn


Asian Sensation: Ooh… I am not happy with this selection. 3/10

Trash: AHHHH! That gap.  I’m convinced that golddiggers settle when they end up with Offensive Linemen.  Those eyebrows. 3/10

Overall Average: 3/10

3) Jacksonville Jaguars: Blake Bortles from UCF


Trash: He’s okay. He’s an average athletic white guy.  Bangable.  Not marriage material.  4.5/10

Asian Sensation: He looks way better after Greg! He’s cuter in motion than he is in pictures.  5/10

Overall Average: 4.75/10

4) Buffalo Bills: Sammy Watkins from Clemson


Asian Sensation: Great player.  He is really busted though.  3/10

Trash: Umm…I’m not feeling this one.  I’m not here for an edge-up with your dreds starting an inch back.  It’s not a good look.  3/10

Overall Average: 3/10

5) Oakland Raiders: Khalil Mack from Buffalo

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Buffalo

Trash: He’s okay looking.  I mean, I’m not throwing my panties at him.  4.5/10

Asian Sensation: He leaves a lot to be desired but that’s about the best you can do as an offensive lineman. 5/10

Overall Average: 4.75/10

6) Atlanta Falcons: Jake Matthews from Texas A&M


Asian Sensation: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He is so ugly! 2/10

Trash: His face is odd?  Yeah, he looks like a fat baby.  I’m not interested.  2/10

Overall Average: 2/10

7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mike Evans from Texas A&M


Trash: Well, he’s the best so far.  #heyboo As long as that’s not your daughter.  But he’s missing a tooth so that’s a half point deduction… 6/10

Asian Sensation: Definitely agree with you on the best so far.  6.5/10

Overall Average: 6.25/10

8) Cleveland Browns: Justin Gilbert from Oklahoma State


Asian Sensation: ::raises eyebrows:: Not missing any teeth, looking good.  6/10

Trash: Maybe this is turning around.  He’s cute.  Hey boo!  7/10

Overall Average: 6.5/10

9) Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Barr from UCLA


Trash: Can I hit in the moaaanin?!  8/10

Asian Sensation: New Favorite!  Move over Gilbert! 7.5/10

Overall Average: 7.75/10

10) Detroit Lions: Eric Ebron from North Carolina


Asian Sensation: He’s not Anthony Barr, but he’s kind of cute.  Things are slowly turning around. 5.5/10

Trash: A little disappointing after my new man, Anthony.  5/10

Overall Average: 5.25/10

11) Tennessee Titans: Taylor Lewan from Michigan


Trash: Nope.  That’s going to be no from me sir.  Thanks for playing though.  3/10

Asian Sensation: I thought he was fat cute.  But now he’s just fat.  3/10

Overall Average: 3/10

12) New York Giants: Odell Beckham, Jr. from LSU


Asian Sensation: ::stands up:: YAAAAAASS!!! HE IS FOINE!!! Please cut off that mohawk and we can have sex. 8.5/10

Trash: That hair is offensive.  But also hey! Keep licking your lips, boo.  Here for you. 9/10

Overall Average: 8.75/10

13) St. Louis Rams: Aaron Donald from Pittsburgh

Aaron Donald

Trash: He’s not exactly cute, but drunk in the club, I’d make out with him. 5/10

Asian Sensation: Can we bring Odell back? 4/10

Overall Average: 4.5/10

14) Chicago Bears: Kyle Fuller from Virginia Tech


Asian Sensation: He looks Blasian.  He’s okay by me.  5/10

Trash: The skin is definitely a problem.  He looks like  Bobby Valentino on HGH.  3/10

Overall Average: 4/10

15) Pittsburgh Steelers: Ryan Shazier from Ohio State


Trash: He reminds me of Buddha from I Love New York.  But not hot.  4/10

Asian Sensation: I don’t like his shiny bald head.  Among other things… 4.5/10

Overall Average: 4.25/10

16) Dallas Cowboys: Zack Martin for Notre Dame


Asian Sensation: Just nah… 3.5/10

Trash:  My body is not ready.  3/10

Overall Average: 3.25/10

17) Baltimore Ravens: CJ Mosley from Alabama


Trash:  What happened?  Odell got picked and things were never the same.  ::Drake tears:: 3.5/10

Asian Sensation: Alabama! You can’t have all this talent and not any looks to back it up. 4/10

Overall Average: 3.75/10

18) New York Jets: Calvin Pryor from Louisville


Asian Sensation: He has a cute face but I don’t like his dreds. 5.5/10

Trash: I definitely do not see it for his hair, but he’s not bad looking.  4.5/10

Overall Average: 5/10

19) Miami Dolphins: Ju’Wuan James from Tennessee


Trash: He’s not the worst we’ve seen.  But he won’t inspire any lustful cat deddy looks from me.  2.5/10

Asian Sensation: I’m starting to get sleepy.  I need someone to wake me up and he’s not it. 3/10

Overall Average: 2.75/10

20) New Orleans Saints: Brandin Cooks from Oregon State


Asian Sensation: He’s okay, but he’s not lighting my world on fire.  5/10

Trash: I agree.  Very average looking.  4.5/10

Overall Average: 4.75/10

21) Green Bay Packers: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix from Alabama

ha ha

Trash: His name is really Ha Ha.  Like Ha and Ha.  Like his name is the sound of a chuckle.  Not terrible looking though. 4/10

Asian Sensation: Kinda cute, unfortunately, your name is Ha Ha.  6/10 (ignoring his name)

Overall Average: 5/10

22) Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M


Asian Sensation: Good. Bye.  4/10

Trash: Meh… He’s not lighting my world on fire.  He just seems like a lame. Good. Bye.  4/10

Overall Average: 4/10

23) Kansas City Chiefs: Dee Ford from Auburn


Trash: Not bad, not bad.  He looks like someone who would make you a nice meal after a “night of passion.” 6/10

Asian Sensation: He looks like a guy I went to college with.  5/10

Overall Average: 5.5/10

24) Cincinnati Bengals: Darqueze Dennard from Michigan State


Asian Sensation: He’s not ugly but I’m definitely NOT feeling it. 4/10

Trash: I thought we were trending up.  Guess not.  Not cute.  3.5/10

Overall Average: 3.75/10

25) San Diego Chargers: Jason Verrett from TCU

Jason Verrett

Trash: Ooh.  That hair isn’t it, but you know, I’d hit it.  I’m not mad at his smile.  4.5/10

Asian Sensation: He’s got a cute face.  Fix the teeth and hair and I see a potential “Hey Boo.” 6/10

Overall Average: 5.25/10

26) Philadelphia Eagles: Marcus Smith from Louisville


Asian Sensation: He is fine! I can’t stop watching his youtube videos. 8/10

Trash: Wait, who is this?  I’m feeling this one. #howyoudoin’ 7/10

Overall Average: 7.5/10

27) Arizona Cardinals: Deone Bucannon  from Washington State


Trash: He exists.  I’m not mad that I’m looking at him.  His tears are super sweet though.  5.5/10

Asian Sensation: Almost cute.  On the cusp of cute.  5.5/10

Overall Average: 5.5/10

28) Carolina Panthers: Kelvin Benjamin from Florida State


Asian Sensation: He looks like a girl in the face.  I want to give him an N/A because I don’t rate girls. He looks like a black Jessica Biel in this picture!


Team Trash tried to step in at this point.  Asian Sensation definitely refused to budge from her N/A. When forced, she came up with a 4/10.

Trash: He looks too young for me.  Not terrible though.  So many dreds tonight… 4/10

Overall Average: 4/10

29) New England Patriots: Dominique Easley from Florida


Trash: Shrug.  I guess we just don’t have much gas left in the tank.  These dudes are not making me want them.  4/10

Asian Sensation: He has some good angles. Full frontal is not exactly the best one though. 4/10

Overall Average: 4/10

30) San Fransico 49ers: Jimmie Ward from Northern Illinois


Asian Sensation: He’s cute but I’m not moved by him. 5/10

Trash: See, I started talking shit and then they give us a cute chocolate man.  ::winks seductively:: 7/10

Overall Average: 6/10.

31) Denver Broncos: Bradley Roby from Ohio State


Trash: He’s cute enough.  I guess.  I don’t know, I feel like I’m repeating myself.  So many blah picks.  4.5/10

Asian Sensation: Good skin, but nothing else really.  4.5/10

Overall Average: 4.5/10

32) Minnesota Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville


Asian Sensation: Don’t even have to look him up.  He’s fugly.  3/10

Trash: I bet the sex is wack, but he probably is real gentle.  Cute smile though!  5/10

Overall Average: 4/10

So that’s it!  We came, we judged, we conquered.  The overall average for this 2014 Class was a 4.71 which is a little depressing.  Although we know that money has a way of making people better looking.  Who were your favorites??? Let us know!


Bracket Madness!

Greetings from the ATL!

I’ve made it down to the South after a crazy and hilarious road trip.  But that’s enough about that.  Let’s talk brackets!

It’s March so we’re gearing up for my two favorite things about the spring.  March Madness & Fug Madness!

March Madness

Now being from North Carolina, college basketball is something of a way of life.  Very few people grow up in the state without strong feelings for one of the Big 4. (Obviously Duke is the best).  So the NCAA tournament is great fun for all.

And I’m sure that you’ve heard about the Billion Dollar Bracket.  Now the Negative Nellies and the Bitter Betties are pointing at the odds and pointing out that you have to share.  Meanwhile, I’m planning out how to spend my billion dollars.





While I’m a Duke fan, Wisconsin is my pick for the win.  A billion dollars is on the line.  Hometown pride be damned!

If you want to join in the action, click right here and join in!



Kidding.  Here’s the actual link.

Fug Madness



Yes! So The Fug Girls are amazing bloggers/authors who talk celebrities who can’t dress themselves, terrible movies, magazine covers,and runway shows.  Their wit and sense of humor is always fun and I’ve been reading them since the days of the Peldons, Bai Ling, and Phoebe Price.  Follow them on Twitter here.  Also check out their books Spoiled and Messy which are both great reads.

But the best part of the year is their March Madness style tournament that decides the worst dressed celebrity of each year.  You’d be shocked how fun it is to vote and root for your “favorites”.  You vote based on the terrible ensembles and the comments section leads to a lot of back and forth.  Does Nicki Minaj dressing like a Fruit Loop count for more than Gwyneth Paltrow looking smug on the red carpet?  It’s your job to decide.  Fill out your bracket and prepare to lose to me! Miley is the heavy favorite to take it this year.


Are you all looking forward to the tournaments?  Have any fun ideas of your own?  Let us know in the comments section and I look forward to spending my money.

My Irrational Celebrity Hate List

Another day, another struggle post from Trash.


Now you all know by now that Team Trash loves pop culture, especially random hot mess pop culture “moments” as evidenced here, here, and here.

But one thing that I firmly believe is that there are few famous people who just piss us off.  Whether it is a sports star of our least favorite team, a certain lispy R&B singer, or a vapid fame-obsessed reality show star, these people and their continued fame pisses us off.  It’s one of the fun parts of life.  Especially for me who takes great pleasure in disliking relatively harmless people.

So I thought that I would share a few people on my hate list and my reasons.  I’m also including a few nice things about them because I like having good karma!

1) Taylor Swift


Ugh…I can’t stand Taylor Swift.  Most of my problems with her stem from the fact that she really can’t sing and her “I’m so innocent” act.  The popularity of her songs mystifies me.  Tay Tay is a tall, modelesque WOMAN with millions of dollars and tons of success.  Why is she still singing songs that sound like a 11 year old?  It almost feels like she dates guys just to write songs about them.  And while I don’t begrudge her writing talents (obviously, people love it), her music just feels trite.

And again, that singing voice.  Just…wow.  She really sounds like a girl who finished 3rd in her high school’s talent show.  Let me provide a handy and hilarious example:

If you can’t make it through the entire performance (I can’t), skip to 3:25 and watch as Taylor rips off her seat belt, yanks the mic out, and seductively struts to the front of the stage only to grace us with that sad, thin cover of One Republic.

No.  Ma’am.

Good Karma Statement: Taylor Swift really is pretty and whenever she dances, an angel gets its wings. 

2) Jennifer Aniston


The Aniston was number one on this list for so so long.  The thing about me is that I hate blandness.  It really offends me.  And for my money, Jennifer Aniston is the blandest celebrity out there.  My hatred of Friends withstanding, when peopel go on about her great beauty, her sense of humor, and her success I don’t really see it.

And then you add it the press coverage.

Jennifer Aniston just wants to have a baby.

Brad Pitt treated her badly!  

Jennifer Aniston dumped again!  

I have this theory.  Jennifer Aniston is a “beautiful”, “rich”, “down-to-earth”, normal girl who’s worth millions of dollars.  Why does she keep getting dumped?  SHE WAS DUMPED BY FAT VINCE VAUGHAN.  Obviously, there is something about her that is really obnoxious or insane.  See also Halle Berry.

And her so-called natural beauty, girl has been hanging out at the plastic surgeon for years (See the picture above).  It is not wrong to get it, just own up to it.  I hate that.

Basically, I feel like the media wants me to feel sorry for this bland, crazy woman and I refuse to do it.

Good Karma Statement: Jennifer was in Office Space, which is a great movie.

3) Tom Brady


This all comes down to his sponsorship with Ugg.  We are not going to progress until Ugg boots are out of business for selling those hideous boots.  And Ugg for Men??

Nope.  Absolutely not.

I’ve even stopped rooting for the Patriots because of this.  I just can not abide it.

Also, can he just keep his hair short?  It really helps.

Good Karma Statement: Tom Brady plays football well.  

4) Rita Ora


The question here isn’t whether I hate Rita Ora.  The question is do we need a Rita Ora?

Like I’m not sure what she does for us as a celebrity.  I know she sings, but that one song I heard was terrible.

And Rihanna still exists.  So what does that leave her?

I will say I was amused at the drama between her and Rob Kardashian.

Good Karma Statement: Craig David approves of her and she was a part of a song that I like by him.

5) Ross Matthews

E! 2013 Upfront


You ever just hated someone’s face?  That’s this guy.  He’s not really offensive other than his voice.  I just…I find him annoying.



Good Karma Statement: Ross has built quite a media career for himself.  And he was a guest judge of Drag Race. 

So there it is?  Who makes your celebrity hate list?  Do you disagree with any of my selections?

Mount your defense and make your list below!  I look forward to your rebuttals.


Get Ready for the Winter Olympics!!!!!

So. The Summer Olympics are my favorite. BUT the Winter Olympics will always have a special place in my heart. Why?

Figure. Skating.

Hello!  Between ladies figure skating and ice dancing, I’m content for two weeks.

One of my earliest memories of LIFE is when my brother and dad went to a football game (Go Giants!) and my mother and I stayed at home to watch the US Nationals. So on this random Friday Night post,  I ask you an important question……

I remember being a kid in 1998 just knowing the elegant Michelle Kwan was going to win the Olympics. She was going to Nagano merely to collect the medal she had already proven that she deserved. She had it ALL. She commanded your attention. She was grace. She was elegance. Queen of the Ice. That Spiral Sequence. The Smile. The Vera Wang Dresses. The Music. She was and is EVERYTHING on the ice (and off). Please don’t argue with me because I will get frustrated and I will get on YouTube and provide you with SO many examples as to why Ms. Kwan is better than your favorite skater.

Anywho…. Insert this other girl….Tara Lipinski (Congrats Girl) to come and snatch the crown. Now that I’m older I get it (I guess) but I literally remember FIGHTING with a girl in my class when she said Tara deserved to win….

So who REALLY won the Gold Medal?

Queen Michelle Kwan

Tara Lipinski.

So who wins? (There is only one correct answer!) Michelle takes it for me but everyone is free to have their own opinion here! Are y’all as excited as I am for the Winter Olympics tho?!?! USA! USA! USA!!!!!! Follow here and on twitter (@ClassNTrashShow), Like Us, and all that jazz! 🙂