Hey Boo

You Must Be This Tall to Ride This Ride

Hey people!

We’re back!  Both Class and I decided to take the long weekend and just relax a bit.  That doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about you.  As a brief update, I went out a bit this weekend, had a cookout at my new place, and ate all my lost weight in food.


But let’s get back into the dating scene.  I’m currently on the hunt for a boo-thing to spend time with.  I’m not even ashamed to admit that.  I was inspired to sit down and really come up with a list of qualities that I’m looking for.  I thought that I’d share them with you as a means of thinking my way through this process.  So let’s break this down:


1) Nice Teeth


So seriously, you have to have your teeth in check.  A nice smile is so warm and inviting.  It just makes me want to talk to you and work hard to make someone smile.  Also, the attention to detail paid to teeth is a sign that you pay attention to the things that matter.  At least to me.

2) Positive Attitude


So, I love sarcasm. I love being lazy.  But the truth of the matter is that whenever I do find someone, I really want someone who is willing to help me be better.  Like tell me to go to the gym or go work out with me.  Someone to tell me to study and get up from watching my 20th episode of Fairly Oddparents in a row.  It’s not that I won’t do it by myself, but it’s always nice to feel like you have someone’s support.  Especially as I continue to try and improve myself.

3) Rhythm


I don’t think it’s a secret that I love to dance like Nathaniel. And I need my boo to keep up.  I also love a random dance party which involves me putting on a playlist and getting Janet Jackson around my house.  I need you to join me without even blinking.

4) Intelligence


I’m not saying that you have to be a rocket scientist, but I do want to discuss real issues occasionally.  I want to feel like I can learn something from you and that you can do the same.  Silliness is way more fun when you know there’s some brain power behind it.

5) Sense of Humor


I need to laugh, boo!  I want to go joke for joke.  I want to be in stitches when you tell me stories.  Please don’t take yourself so seriously.

This is a non-negotiable.  But honestly, if you can’t laugh together what kind of relationship do you have?

Would Likes

1) My Height or Taller


I’m not a tall man.  I’m average height.  What’s wrong with being close to my height?  This used to be a hard and fast rule for me, but I’m working on being less superficial and therefore, have softened my stance.  It’s still a preference though.

2) Facial Hair


Tee Hee, his name is Ambrose Burnside.  Who doesn’t love historical humor??

But seriously, I like a little bit of hair on a dude.  It’s not necessary, but it seriously improves some people’s looks.

3) Independent


Let me be clear.  This is still a requirement, but I’ve moved it down to this section because I’ve loosened a bit on what independent means.  Independent means self-sufficient with a plan for the future.  I want you to have a car and a home, but I understand staying with a relative to save up money for a specific reason.  I understand cost cutting, especially while working on second degrees.

Essentially, I want an adult who is making reasonable adult decisions in order to live a better life.  I don’t have time to be childish.

So I think that this is my list.  I’m sure there are other traits that will come to light later.  What about you all?  What are the non-negotiables for you? What can you live without even if you prefer it.

White Boo Wednesday Part 2


Yes, I know that’s overused.  I don’t care.

So you didn’t know about White Boo Wednesday??  Get caught up, damnit!

More white boos for your nerves!

1) Eric Decker 

decker1 decker2


On his show, he comes across as super sweet and nice.  I enjoy him.

2) Chris Evans

evans1 evans2

Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass…STOP!


3) Kellan Lutz

lutz1 kellan


I remember that commercial like the back of my hand.

4) Maksim Chmerkovskiy

maks1 maks2

Congratulations on your win, boo!  Much deserved!!


5) Theo James

theo1 theo2

Model turned actor?  Yep.  Love a strong brow.

Y’all left me hanging last time.  Give me your white boos!

Rating the Players NFL Draft

Joining me tonight is a Guest Blogger, The Asian Sensation!  I suggested Smash since she wants to smash the players of the draft, but she said no!



Just so we’re clear, this is not about their playing ability.  This is about how bang-able the player is.  The scale will be from 1 to 10.  Join in at the bottom!

1) Houston Texans: Jadaveon Clowney from South Carolina


Asian Sensation: He has a nice smile and good body.  I can deal with the dreds but the Draft Day hairstyle.  6/10

Trash: That hair though…  But he’s very average looking  in a good way. 5/10

Except for that bump on his lip. Minus one for each of us.

Overall Average: 4.5/10

2) St. Louis Rams: Greg Robinson from Auburn


Asian Sensation: Ooh… I am not happy with this selection. 3/10

Trash: AHHHH! That gap.  I’m convinced that golddiggers settle when they end up with Offensive Linemen.  Those eyebrows. 3/10

Overall Average: 3/10

3) Jacksonville Jaguars: Blake Bortles from UCF


Trash: He’s okay. He’s an average athletic white guy.  Bangable.  Not marriage material.  4.5/10

Asian Sensation: He looks way better after Greg! He’s cuter in motion than he is in pictures.  5/10

Overall Average: 4.75/10

4) Buffalo Bills: Sammy Watkins from Clemson


Asian Sensation: Great player.  He is really busted though.  3/10

Trash: Umm…I’m not feeling this one.  I’m not here for an edge-up with your dreds starting an inch back.  It’s not a good look.  3/10

Overall Average: 3/10

5) Oakland Raiders: Khalil Mack from Buffalo

NCAA Football: Bowling Green at Buffalo

Trash: He’s okay looking.  I mean, I’m not throwing my panties at him.  4.5/10

Asian Sensation: He leaves a lot to be desired but that’s about the best you can do as an offensive lineman. 5/10

Overall Average: 4.75/10

6) Atlanta Falcons: Jake Matthews from Texas A&M


Asian Sensation: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He is so ugly! 2/10

Trash: His face is odd?  Yeah, he looks like a fat baby.  I’m not interested.  2/10

Overall Average: 2/10

7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mike Evans from Texas A&M


Trash: Well, he’s the best so far.  #heyboo As long as that’s not your daughter.  But he’s missing a tooth so that’s a half point deduction… 6/10

Asian Sensation: Definitely agree with you on the best so far.  6.5/10

Overall Average: 6.25/10

8) Cleveland Browns: Justin Gilbert from Oklahoma State


Asian Sensation: ::raises eyebrows:: Not missing any teeth, looking good.  6/10

Trash: Maybe this is turning around.  He’s cute.  Hey boo!  7/10

Overall Average: 6.5/10

9) Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Barr from UCLA


Trash: Can I hit in the moaaanin?!  8/10

Asian Sensation: New Favorite!  Move over Gilbert! 7.5/10

Overall Average: 7.75/10

10) Detroit Lions: Eric Ebron from North Carolina


Asian Sensation: He’s not Anthony Barr, but he’s kind of cute.  Things are slowly turning around. 5.5/10

Trash: A little disappointing after my new man, Anthony.  5/10

Overall Average: 5.25/10

11) Tennessee Titans: Taylor Lewan from Michigan


Trash: Nope.  That’s going to be no from me sir.  Thanks for playing though.  3/10

Asian Sensation: I thought he was fat cute.  But now he’s just fat.  3/10

Overall Average: 3/10

12) New York Giants: Odell Beckham, Jr. from LSU


Asian Sensation: ::stands up:: YAAAAAASS!!! HE IS FOINE!!! Please cut off that mohawk and we can have sex. 8.5/10

Trash: That hair is offensive.  But also hey! Keep licking your lips, boo.  Here for you. 9/10

Overall Average: 8.75/10

13) St. Louis Rams: Aaron Donald from Pittsburgh

Aaron Donald

Trash: He’s not exactly cute, but drunk in the club, I’d make out with him. 5/10

Asian Sensation: Can we bring Odell back? 4/10

Overall Average: 4.5/10

14) Chicago Bears: Kyle Fuller from Virginia Tech


Asian Sensation: He looks Blasian.  He’s okay by me.  5/10

Trash: The skin is definitely a problem.  He looks like  Bobby Valentino on HGH.  3/10

Overall Average: 4/10

15) Pittsburgh Steelers: Ryan Shazier from Ohio State


Trash: He reminds me of Buddha from I Love New York.  But not hot.  4/10

Asian Sensation: I don’t like his shiny bald head.  Among other things… 4.5/10

Overall Average: 4.25/10

16) Dallas Cowboys: Zack Martin for Notre Dame


Asian Sensation: Just nah… 3.5/10

Trash:  My body is not ready.  3/10

Overall Average: 3.25/10

17) Baltimore Ravens: CJ Mosley from Alabama


Trash:  What happened?  Odell got picked and things were never the same.  ::Drake tears:: 3.5/10

Asian Sensation: Alabama! You can’t have all this talent and not any looks to back it up. 4/10

Overall Average: 3.75/10

18) New York Jets: Calvin Pryor from Louisville


Asian Sensation: He has a cute face but I don’t like his dreds. 5.5/10

Trash: I definitely do not see it for his hair, but he’s not bad looking.  4.5/10

Overall Average: 5/10

19) Miami Dolphins: Ju’Wuan James from Tennessee


Trash: He’s not the worst we’ve seen.  But he won’t inspire any lustful cat deddy looks from me.  2.5/10

Asian Sensation: I’m starting to get sleepy.  I need someone to wake me up and he’s not it. 3/10

Overall Average: 2.75/10

20) New Orleans Saints: Brandin Cooks from Oregon State


Asian Sensation: He’s okay, but he’s not lighting my world on fire.  5/10

Trash: I agree.  Very average looking.  4.5/10

Overall Average: 4.75/10

21) Green Bay Packers: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix from Alabama

ha ha

Trash: His name is really Ha Ha.  Like Ha and Ha.  Like his name is the sound of a chuckle.  Not terrible looking though. 4/10

Asian Sensation: Kinda cute, unfortunately, your name is Ha Ha.  6/10 (ignoring his name)

Overall Average: 5/10

22) Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M


Asian Sensation: Good. Bye.  4/10

Trash: Meh… He’s not lighting my world on fire.  He just seems like a lame. Good. Bye.  4/10

Overall Average: 4/10

23) Kansas City Chiefs: Dee Ford from Auburn


Trash: Not bad, not bad.  He looks like someone who would make you a nice meal after a “night of passion.” 6/10

Asian Sensation: He looks like a guy I went to college with.  5/10

Overall Average: 5.5/10

24) Cincinnati Bengals: Darqueze Dennard from Michigan State


Asian Sensation: He’s not ugly but I’m definitely NOT feeling it. 4/10

Trash: I thought we were trending up.  Guess not.  Not cute.  3.5/10

Overall Average: 3.75/10

25) San Diego Chargers: Jason Verrett from TCU

Jason Verrett

Trash: Ooh.  That hair isn’t it, but you know, I’d hit it.  I’m not mad at his smile.  4.5/10

Asian Sensation: He’s got a cute face.  Fix the teeth and hair and I see a potential “Hey Boo.” 6/10

Overall Average: 5.25/10

26) Philadelphia Eagles: Marcus Smith from Louisville


Asian Sensation: He is fine! I can’t stop watching his youtube videos. 8/10

Trash: Wait, who is this?  I’m feeling this one. #howyoudoin’ 7/10

Overall Average: 7.5/10

27) Arizona Cardinals: Deone Bucannon  from Washington State


Trash: He exists.  I’m not mad that I’m looking at him.  His tears are super sweet though.  5.5/10

Asian Sensation: Almost cute.  On the cusp of cute.  5.5/10

Overall Average: 5.5/10

28) Carolina Panthers: Kelvin Benjamin from Florida State


Asian Sensation: He looks like a girl in the face.  I want to give him an N/A because I don’t rate girls. He looks like a black Jessica Biel in this picture!


Team Trash tried to step in at this point.  Asian Sensation definitely refused to budge from her N/A. When forced, she came up with a 4/10.

Trash: He looks too young for me.  Not terrible though.  So many dreds tonight… 4/10

Overall Average: 4/10

29) New England Patriots: Dominique Easley from Florida


Trash: Shrug.  I guess we just don’t have much gas left in the tank.  These dudes are not making me want them.  4/10

Asian Sensation: He has some good angles. Full frontal is not exactly the best one though. 4/10

Overall Average: 4/10

30) San Fransico 49ers: Jimmie Ward from Northern Illinois


Asian Sensation: He’s cute but I’m not moved by him. 5/10

Trash: See, I started talking shit and then they give us a cute chocolate man.  ::winks seductively:: 7/10

Overall Average: 6/10.

31) Denver Broncos: Bradley Roby from Ohio State


Trash: He’s cute enough.  I guess.  I don’t know, I feel like I’m repeating myself.  So many blah picks.  4.5/10

Asian Sensation: Good skin, but nothing else really.  4.5/10

Overall Average: 4.5/10

32) Minnesota Vikings: Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville


Asian Sensation: Don’t even have to look him up.  He’s fugly.  3/10

Trash: I bet the sex is wack, but he probably is real gentle.  Cute smile though!  5/10

Overall Average: 4/10

So that’s it!  We came, we judged, we conquered.  The overall average for this 2014 Class was a 4.71 which is a little depressing.  Although we know that money has a way of making people better looking.  Who were your favorites??? Let us know!


White Boo Wednesday!

It’s time to celebrate everyone’s new favorite holiday!

So typically, my type tends to revolve around models and the Dwayne Johnsons. But today we are here to celebrate my vanilla lattes.

Nick Bateman





Chad White





Cam Gigandet




So what are you doing tonight?

David Beckham





Let me sit this aaaaaaaaass…

David Gandy





Who are your white boos??  Leave a comment with pictures.  I’m looking forward to expanding my roster.

The Definition of Perfection


They. Better. Work.

Bey Dance

You already know that Class is the President of the BeyHive. That being said, I am REALLY picky about Beyonce covers. ESPECIALLY covers of ANY song off of her new album. Beyonce took her music to another level and we just don’t need anyone to cover music off of it. (Unless Jojo wants to give us a Parition cover…Imagine it for one second.) The problem with covering Bey songs is that people want to get on youtube with this sh*t….


I don’t know who that gentleman is but I need him to go away. Forever. But Scott and Mitch are ***Flawless as Queen Bey said. Get into Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, Superfruit, and of course Pentatonix. They are so damn talented. Just WERKKKKKK! (Call me Mitch ::winks seductively::)

Hope y’all are enjoying your Saturday!!!!

Quickie Post: Happy Saturday

Hi Everyone,

I’m sitting in the middle of my half-packed everything. So I don’t have tons of time but I did want to say hi and celebrate that we’ve reached 100 posts!

That’s amazing!

Thanks for reading, liking, and commenting! Have you lost weight? You look good!

Wish me luck as I pack and have a great night!

Let Me Sit This…


I’m kidding of course.  But let’s talk about types.

I’m someone who truly thinks that people have a type or certain traits that they find attractive.  It’s not bad to have a type, especially if that type doesn’t include being a terrible person or Taylor Swift.

Let’s say for instance, you’re me.  In terms of personality, I’m looking for someone who likes books and hoodrat tunes.  Who loves reality shows and learning.  But for looks??


I tend to favor Team Light Skin, taller than me, and a body that looks like I go to gym but I also like cheese fries.  This doesn’t mean that I’m completely opposed to my melanin rich brethren.  I mean…


Hey Boo!  ::waves seductively::

His smile is just incredible.  As I mentioned in my guilty pleasure post, sparkling white teeth and gorgeous smile get me every single time.  I remember a “friend” from my past with the most gorgeous smile. It was like he was cute and all when he was squinting and smizing, but a flash of those pearly whites and I was planning our wedding.

You know the deal!

Now Class on the other hand tends to go for a preppier guy.  Someone to watch the Real Housewives with and who can keep up in a duet.  Some like perhaps…


You know someone who could spend time doing a puzzle and going on long runs.  We both need a positive, sarcastic person with a good heart and a good head on their shoulders.   Broad shoulders.


But in all honestly, we’re looking at celebrities, athletes, and models here.  These dudes exist, but are mostly fantasy.  Like Tori Kelly says, sometimes we just want someone to hold, someone to give us their jacket when it’s cold.  While these guys are truly nice to look at (if you happen to look like them though, call us boo!), what’s really important here and that we remain open to love in all its forms.

Six pack abs, flawless skin, gorgeous smiles, huggable arms…

I’m sorry I lost my train of thought there.  But seriously, we all have things that pull us in. A perfectly placed tattoo, that v-cut, and kissable lips are great assets and will definitely speak to us.  But really, it’s what’s inside.  Can you show that you’re really there through thick and thin?  When I’m down, are you going to be there to offer words of encouragement?  Getting it in with every man with a killer smile is fun to think about but we all have to look beyond looks if we’re going to find true happiness.

But until then…


Call me!