Board Games

Hey y’all.  It’s Monday so I just know that you are in a fabulous mood.


I originally thought about writing a full post on the Donald Sterling issues, but in reality I’m simply not surprised.  He’s an old, rich, seemingly blind racist.  She’s an opportunist who is not famous and will not profit from this.  The NBA and all of the Clippers are in a completely difficult and unique situation.  They are under contract and in the playoffs, so they have to play but they are all clearly unhappy with having to help someone so awful make money.  People are either praising their removal of the workout jerseys or saying that they didn’t do enough.  That situation sucks and I don’t know that there’s any fair way to react that won’t result in a bunch of Social Media faux-activism.

But that’s enough of that!  Let’s talk about games!


So, Trash is SUPER COMPETITIVE.  Like I’m actually the worst.  I hate to lose although I won’t pull a Daniel Craig in said situation.  And since I’m also anti-athletic, my preferred means of obtaining victory is playing board games.

Monopoly, Life, Risk, Clue…all of these things are so appealing.

I think that the appeal in board games lies in the fact that I was raised on game shows by my mother, who was also super competitive.  On Friday or Saturday nights, we would pull out Sorry or Monopoly, order pizza, and play for hours.  They are actually some of my fondest memories.

Quite honestly, I’d rather spend a night playing board games with close friends/family and sipping cocktails over most things in life.  Just the past Easter, I bought a new game called Quelf.  Despite the weird name, it’s ridiculously fun.  The game is based around silly challenges and trivia questions.  I barked like a dog, honked the national anthem through my nose, and played leapfrog on my way to the win.  It was great fun.

But what’s my favorite board game??  Risk.  Despite a deep love for Monopoly and being a shady business owner, Risk makes me feel like I’m king of the world.  I like that Risk takes both luck and skill.   You have to plan your attack and mount your defense, but nothing else matters if you roll a string of 1’s.

I also love Scrabble.  Word games are great for people like me weaned on Wheel of Fortune.

Cranium?  An excellent way to test many parts of your brain.

Do I have a least favorite? Not off the top of my head. In most games, I can find something to enjoy.  I do think that Monopoly is the most frustrating because sometimes there is just nothing you can do.  My cousin had ridiculous luck in the game and losing is just not fun when I didn’t have any part of it.

What are your favorite games?  Any suggestions??


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