Trashy Thursday: Boss A** Bitch

As I continue to add arbitrary holidays to the week, it’s Trashy Thursday!

Let’s just dive right on into this…

It’s time to pay tribute to my personal anthem.

I mean what can I say?  What words can I write that would pay the complete amount of tribute to these ladies?  These three trollops are so iconic.  So so good.

When this happens…


I live.

The dance moves…

The styling…

This is one of the best things ever.  It gives me hope that struggle rappers will continue on as long as the Internet will let them.

But then! These ladies got their tax refunds and decided they were sick of you all talking shit on your Twitters…

Check thosse technicolor wigs…

Check those sassy camera effects…

I bet you not talking shit now!!!!!

Cuz I’m a boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch…

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