Quickie Post: Flashback

Hey boo!

It’s Sunday. I’m trying to watch these Housewives and win my favorites in the draft.  I’ll let you know the results tomorrow.

But last night, my fake roommate and I took a stroll down memory lane and I wanted you to get aboard this Soul Train and body roll.

1) Uh Huh – B2K

Listen.  Teenage Trash was all in his feelings when this video came out.  All them abses and armses.


I was never here for Omarion as the lead, but those other 3???  My body was all the way ready.  And you’re just going to have to deal.

2) Do That – Birdman f. Diddy


Yaaaaaassssssss! Listen.  Baby is not a good rapper.  Diddy is an even worse rapper.  This song is FLAWLESS.  FLAWLESS I TOLD YOU!!!

Also, I’m obviously that white girl dancing in her room and sneaking into the party.

3) Tell Me – Smilez & Southstar


Gospel!  Smilez & Southstar deserve so much more recognition! Let’s trade Macklemore and that other one.  We need more wisdom!

Those two had so much to tell us about superstar celebrity relationships.  Those girls did not appreciate Smilez or Southstar when they had them!  And now they are incredibly successful rappers…


4) Tipsy – J.Kwon




As I mentioned in this post, The Chickenhead is a flawless dance from my high school years.  As is Tipsy.  From the opening lines, J-Kwon let us know what the deal was.  The counting that frames each verse.  His original crooked smile.  (Sorry J-Cole).

Wait J-Cole/J-Kwon?   Crooked smiles?



5) Who’s That Girl – Eve

We really don’t give Eve nearly enough credit.  She’s a successful rapper who had a television show and a clothing line.  This song, while not her opus (Love is Blind, obviously), is every slice of thing.

Now excuse me while I shimmy and step.

Have a great night and leave us your favorite bop from the early 2000s!


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