Another Day, Another Dollar



Seriously.  This emoji is my entire life.  Like she’s just the perfect reaction to everything.

But on to the post!

Hmm…there’s really not much to say today. I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired these days.  I’m not elated, not miserable, not even sad.  I’m just here.  I’ve started working and it is just fine.  I think that I will like it more once I wrap up the training portion.  Every one is incredibly nice and seems happy at work.  It’s definitely a change but I think it is one that will work.

It’s the same feeling that I had prior to the move.  Where you feel as though everything is in limbo. As I mentioned, I’m a all or nothing person.  So living 50% of what I feel like my life should be really stresses me out.

But other than that, I’m simply okay.  I’m looking forward to getting settled down and also getting my stuff (U-haul…).

Have a great weekend!


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