Quickie Post: Life Lessons

Hey folks! I hope that you all are having a happy Saturday!

This won’t be long but I wanted to talk to you all about a few things I’ve learned thanks to my family that I regret not applying earlier in my life.

1) Don’t be afraid of a hard days work.

My family is straight out of the country of North Carolina. I mean, no phone signal territory. And I remember we would spend summers on the back of the truck, in and out of gardens picking dinner for that night and stocking the freezer.

I was having none of it!

But the truth is that that’s where I get my work ethic from. I am lazy as all get out but when I do my job, I give 100% and I work hard. I do not intend to go back to the fields.

2) Be respectful to everyone. You don’t know when they may come back into your life.

Today, I helped out a charity event with my uncle. Out there were 5 of his classmates from college, each of whom was happy to see him and reminisce about their time in school.

That spoke so highly of who we was (and is) as well as his reputation. Each of his friends were successful in their own right and really encouraged him to reach out for get togethers and these events.

Now, I’m obviously the nicest person on the planet. But back in the day, let’s just say I had a lot to say and no desire to hold it in. And while I’m glad that I made the friends I did, I wish I had thought more about my reputation, especially now as an adult.

3) Money is not everything.

Again, this is crazy coming out of me. But spending time with my family reminds me that there is more to life (where is Stacie Orrico?) than going to work everyday.

And even though my family is not rich by any means, I’ve never wanted for anything. We’ve always shared some good times even when there is drama and there is a love that you can’t really shake.

That is something money can’t buy

So what’s on your mind? Any important lessons from your family?
Let us know and have a great evening!


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