A Tribute: #LoveJo

As you all know, we here at Class & Trash love us some Joanna Levesque, better known as Jojo as evidenced here.


Yesterday, this queen released an EP via Soundcloud and we HAVE to talk about it.  Class’s comments are in Ole Miss red while Trash’s comments are Duke blue.

Caught Up In The Rapture

bodyroll1 hiproll1

Listen, if there was ever a girl who should cover Anita Baker, it was Jojo with her sickening alto, clear and accurate runs, and ability to convey emotion with her voice.

When the gorgeous opening stops and “INTERNZ, IT’S THE REMIX!”


Her ability to jump fifths and octaves mid-run is unparalleled.  Come on QUEEN!

The vocal dexterity from 4:13 to 4:33 is just all I could have asked for.

I guess Trash was trying to give y’all a music theory lesson lol…Anyways her voice is like the FINEST piece of Red Velvet cake here. It’s just oozes with sensuality….And the beat drops…and there is no looking back. Flawless. FLAWLESS. FLAWLESS. It just does not get any better musically. Young singers, this is how you riff without over doing. Sickening. 

Take Me Home

Jojo doing Phil Collins?? WHAT? And adding a hoodrat bop to the back?


And she killed it!

Her ad libs into and during the last chorus.  Full vocal bliss.  Her voice is just so seductive and adds a sensual quality to a beautiful, but admittedly cold original song. 

But this was just a glimpse of the head voice goodness she was about to give us.

Phil Collins. Jojo stole your song and made it 1,000,000 times better. Sorry no sorry. That’s all I have to say about that. I’m going to continue to do a body roll up against my wall. 


The first note…


The second Glory????


Listen here, Jojo, you didn’t have to do this to us!  We praise her for her lower register, but this! You can’t tell her she isn’t a soprano here.



The richness of her voice, her ability to jump between octaves, the minor 3rds.  YOU SICKENING WENCH, I CAN’T STAND YOU!!!!

The note at 1:20!!!!  MY JESUS!


I’m not even writing sentences anymore. There’s nothing that I can say that could even compare to the flawlessness that is Glory. 

I….. don’t…. have words…..Whitney Houston is up in Heaven wavering her hand at this recording because it is THAT PERFECT. 


This is absolutely her best work and if this is what she has in store for her album, you hoes better beware.  Jojo is back and ready to snatch all of the wigs!  EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!

December 13th Beyonce took all of my hair, edges included. I finally saw new growth on February 13th….On the 14th Jojo took the new growth and took some of my scalp. Jojo is NOT playing. She has not been able to release music in YEARS and she is letting us know to not even bother releasing music in 2014. Nope. Don’t do it. If you haven’t listened to this work….do it now or don’t talk to us. 


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