Quickie Post: Lashauwn Beyond

As we gear up for the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race on 2/24, we here at Class & Trash want to pay tribute to one of our favorite moments from Season 4.

Let’s set the scene.

Jiggly Caliente is a hot mess.  Lashauwn Beyond, who sews, is over her hot potato couture.  The argument heats up leading to the greatness that is…

tumblr_mqz9cvdB3l1ssd38uo2_250 tumblr_mqz9cvdB3l1ssd38uo5_250



This is a perfect use of the cliche pointed out by Rich from the FourFour and now over at Gawker.  See this video for evidence.

And the bass in his voice when he yells BEST BUDDIES BIIIIIITCH!!!

The greatest.

So WERQ Leshauwn Beyond and your fly ass ponytail!  We love you over here!

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