When God Says….No.

I hate those moments when you work your butt off for something. You’ve taken your time and done all you can to be the best and you know that you are super prepared to slay the game. You have the confidence, your outfit is flyyyyy, and can’t NOBODY tell you that are not the shit. You knock that audition or job interview out of the park! You go home flipping your hair left to right, have a victory meal, maybe a cocktail, and you go to bed with a damn smile on your face. These days you feel like you have arrived! FINALLY, I’m getting out of the storm.

And then the next day…… God says Nope! Your spirits are completely shattered. You cry, you pout, you kick and scream. It feels like everyone around you is having the perfect day. You cry some more, turn on that inspirational music (gospel for me), and you try your hardest to re-qroup.

I’ve said it here before. Life is hard. Growing up is hard. Finding your place in this adult world is HARD. Getting up after you’ve been knocked down can be one of the hardest things to do. Climbing back up that mountain is rough when you feel like you have no strength left to give. But here at Class and Trash we believe you can get up and do it. So if you’re reading this at night, remember there is a fresh start tomorrow. If you’re reading this in the morning, remember it is never too late to do something to change your perspective and make the day better. Now let’s hope I follow my own damn advice. Dry up those tears y’all. We got this!

My go to song for moments like this! Enjoy!


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