Hey People!  I’m sorry that I missed posting yesterday but I was flying down the Atlanta in hopes of being adopted by Tyler Perry.

While I’m not financially supported by Madea’s wigs, I was able to find a new job!

The past few weeks have been one issue after another.  From my car being towed and having get all new tires and lost cards.  It’s been a battle to keep up with all the moving parts of my life but since when did anyone say life was easy??

But a lesson that I learned long ago in the church was that God never puts more on you than you can bear.  And while religion may not as big a part of my life, that is a lesson that I’ve never forgotten.

You have the inner strength to make it through anything. 

You can do anything you set your mind to.


Okay sorry, I got carried away.  But the core of the message here is that you can be happy.  You deserve to be happy.  Don’t sit around waiting for happiness to come to you though.  Do the best you can to find a way to something new.

Now, let the music play!


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