Let Me Sit This…


I’m kidding of course.  But let’s talk about types.

I’m someone who truly thinks that people have a type or certain traits that they find attractive.  It’s not bad to have a type, especially if that type doesn’t include being a terrible person or Taylor Swift.

Let’s say for instance, you’re me.  In terms of personality, I’m looking for someone who likes books and hoodrat tunes.  Who loves reality shows and learning.  But for looks??


I tend to favor Team Light Skin, taller than me, and a body that looks like I go to gym but I also like cheese fries.  This doesn’t mean that I’m completely opposed to my melanin rich brethren.  I mean…


Hey Boo!  ::waves seductively::

His smile is just incredible.  As I mentioned in my guilty pleasure post, sparkling white teeth and gorgeous smile get me every single time.  I remember a “friend” from my past with the most gorgeous smile. It was like he was cute and all when he was squinting and smizing, but a flash of those pearly whites and I was planning our wedding.

You know the deal!

Now Class on the other hand tends to go for a preppier guy.  Someone to watch the Real Housewives with and who can keep up in a duet.  Some like perhaps…


You know someone who could spend time doing a puzzle and going on long runs.  We both need a positive, sarcastic person with a good heart and a good head on their shoulders.   Broad shoulders.


But in all honestly, we’re looking at celebrities, athletes, and models here.  These dudes exist, but are mostly fantasy.  Like Tori Kelly says, sometimes we just want someone to hold, someone to give us their jacket when it’s cold.  While these guys are truly nice to look at (if you happen to look like them though, call us boo!), what’s really important here and that we remain open to love in all its forms.

Six pack abs, flawless skin, gorgeous smiles, huggable arms…

I’m sorry I lost my train of thought there.  But seriously, we all have things that pull us in. A perfectly placed tattoo, that v-cut, and kissable lips are great assets and will definitely speak to us.  But really, it’s what’s inside.  Can you show that you’re really there through thick and thin?  When I’m down, are you going to be there to offer words of encouragement?  Getting it in with every man with a killer smile is fun to think about but we all have to look beyond looks if we’re going to find true happiness.

But until then…


Call me!

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