Get Ready for the Winter Olympics!!!!!

So. The Summer Olympics are my favorite. BUT the Winter Olympics will always have a special place in my heart. Why?

Figure. Skating.

Hello!  Between ladies figure skating and ice dancing, I’m content for two weeks.

One of my earliest memories of LIFE is when my brother and dad went to a football game (Go Giants!) and my mother and I stayed at home to watch the US Nationals. So on this random Friday Night post,  I ask you an important question……

I remember being a kid in 1998 just knowing the elegant Michelle Kwan was going to win the Olympics. She was going to Nagano merely to collect the medal she had already proven that she deserved. She had it ALL. She commanded your attention. She was grace. She was elegance. Queen of the Ice. That Spiral Sequence. The Smile. The Vera Wang Dresses. The Music. She was and is EVERYTHING on the ice (and off). Please don’t argue with me because I will get frustrated and I will get on YouTube and provide you with SO many examples as to why Ms. Kwan is better than your favorite skater.

Anywho…. Insert this other girl….Tara Lipinski (Congrats Girl) to come and snatch the crown. Now that I’m older I get it (I guess) but I literally remember FIGHTING with a girl in my class when she said Tara deserved to win….

So who REALLY won the Gold Medal?

Queen Michelle Kwan

Tara Lipinski.

So who wins? (There is only one correct answer!) Michelle takes it for me but everyone is free to have their own opinion here! Are y’all as excited as I am for the Winter Olympics tho?!?! USA! USA! USA!!!!!! Follow here and on twitter (@ClassNTrashShow), Like Us, and all that jazz! 🙂


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