Cause I Walk With a Vengeance. CLASS IS BACK!


Hey y’all! It’s Class here! Just got done vacationing in the Bahamas over the long weekend. Now I’m relaxed and ready to start the week! (FINE, I wasn’t vacationing in the Bahamas but I can dream right?) Anyway I’m back and celebrating the one week anniversary of this classy yet trashy blog! What better way to celebrate than to get y’all to share this blog so we can grow our readership! So go on and share, follow, all that good stuff.

1)   Beyonce Slander – This is a no brainer to me but even after Beyonce released a flawless album people STILL want to come for her. Drink bleach. Thanks. Beyonce is a living legend and unless you can provide a fave that deliver vocals, dancing, flawless performances, beauty, and actually CARES about what she does….then get up out my face. (Old school divas need not worry. Oh and Adele snatches.)


2) Crusty Toenails – Listen. I know a good portion of the country is frozen solid so if you got nasty toenails PLEASE take care of that now. What I will no longer tolerate is seeing your nasty, crusty, dry, discolored toenails flopping around in flip-flops or sandals. We are all grown. STOP. Get it right before the temperatures start warming up.

3)   Not Living in Your Reality – Trust, there will be a whole post about this. But I’m done with people getting up on social media acting like your Oprah. I’m tired of you getting on instagram like you’re a model. STOP. This blog is cute and all but you don’t see us running around talking about some “Hi. We are international bloggers.” Everyone sit down. The recession is real and we ALL have too many bills to pay. You’re fooling no one.


4)   Employees Who Won’t Mind Their Dang Business – Hi. I’m Class and I’m GROWN. Stay out of my way. Stop asking dumb questions. Do not come for me unless I send for you. If you see my office door is closed…LEAVE IT CLOSED. I may be young but I am not here for people who do the SAME job I do trying to tell me how to do. No boo-boo, not today.

5)   Bad-ass Kids – Another blog will be about this topic but please RAISE YOUR KIDS. I’m tired of them cussing, touching things that don’t belong to them, having no respect, talking back to adults, and thinking they have rights that don’t involve them sitting down and staying quiet. Listen, we really aren’t raising kids like we are supposed to be. I really feel it’s because we have sooooo many young parents. Y’all use protection. I will be the FIRST one to tell you I am nowhere near ready to raise NO CHILD. Not TODAY!

Woo! I feel a bit better now. It’s so cold in the D y’all. What grates your nerves?! Let us know @ClassNTrashShow on Twitter and of course. FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW! RETWEET! As always, stay classy!

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