Hitting F7

This time of the year is full of resolutions, squeaky clean gym memberships, and kitchen shelves filled with kale and protein powder.  We always feel like the new year is a chance to push for our dreams, bring out our inner sexy, and escape our inner demons.
To be frank, while Team Trash has exquisite taste in music and a fantastic sweater collection, I have been attempting to just get by in my career instead of thriving and taking pride in the work I do.  That my friends is no way to live life.  I let myself gain massive amounts of weight, stop going out, and even stop sketching new designs.
But that’s why this new year has been a chance to start anew.  I’ve gotten back into the job hunt, gotten my body back in check, and obviously you’re reading this blog.  So clearly we’ve made strides in changing our situations.
So my challenge to you, dear reader, is to identify what it is you want out of life.  It doesn’t have to be big or life changing.  Maybe you want simply keep a journal, travel to a new city, or pursue your dreams of being a hand model.
Get your manicure, girl and refresh your life.  Class, Trash, and all of you lovely people deserve better than basic.

Take a listen to this Sounds of Blackness classic if you start to feel down.


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